Where to buy kettlebells online?

Whether you’ve just started training with kettlebells, or need some new kettlebells because you’ve gone up in weight, this is the place where you can find reputable online kettlebell suppliers in different countries across the world. These suppliers listed below will allow you to make your purchase online, and courier or ship their kettlebells to you.

Online kettlebell suppliers in the United States

Online kettlebell suppliers in the United Kingdom

Online kettlebell suppliers in Ireland

Online kettlebell suppliers in Scotland

Online kettlebell suppliers in Australia

Online kettlebell suppliers in Europe


Buy kettlebells in bulk

If you’re looking for bulk purchase, I’m talking 50 kettlebells or more, and potentially want your own logo on the kettlebells, please make contact. Be aware that if you buy kettlebells in bulk and import them, the shipping cost is cheap and not really something to worry about, it’s the local import taxes you need to worry about. All in all, I’ve imported myself several times and although a bit of a hassle, still worth it.

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