A Caveman in Nepal—a world’s first.

Virtually follow us on the adventure and become part of our mission!


Over 290 people have died trying to climb it.
None have ever tried it with kettlebells!


Not just ‘a caveman going to Nepal.’

This is ‘a caveman carrying kettlebells to base camp Mt. Everest’ and it’s happening in Autumn 2018.


If you follow my life journey then you know I like challenges.
I like carrying kettlebells to places they’ve never been.

My son is quickly following my footsteps and we want you to come along on this epic—and slightly insane—adventure.

We both care about others and want to make a difference.

We’re going on a one-month mission to create a full-length movie from our experience on the mountain. We’ll release that free for a short period but before I say anything further, let’s look at other crazy experiences we’ve had.


The Goals Of Our Adventure

  • Challenge ourselves mentally and physically
  • Complete a world’s first
  • Spread the word about kettlebells
  • Turn a lifelong dream into reality
  • Help others see that age is just a number and movement equals a healthy happy life
  • Motivate others to get up and out to do things
  • Bring some joy to those watching and following our adventure

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This is me up Rio Chillar in Nerja Spain with a kettlebell

That trip was a sweltering eleven hours long hiking up the mountain all day—we even ran out of drinking water. It was hot, we were tired—but it was awesome! Take a look here (opens in new window).


Above: Sierra de Mijas at 1,150m / 3,772 feet. I have been up this mountain several times with a kettlebell, I’ve also been over it from one side to the other side carrying kettlebells.


El Torcal at 1,336 m / 4,383 ft. Summitted several times from the bottom. You can see those adventures here (opens in new window) and here.


Above is La Cruz de Juanar at 1,182 m / 3,877 ft but I think by now you get the point.

One quick look at my past and you can be sure I’m not just talking when I say that we’ll be hauling kettlebells where no kettlebell has been hauled before. Please allow me to introduce myself and my son.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 12

Our schedule:

  • April 1,000 meters training El Torcal
  • May 3,000 meters training Mulhacen
  • June secure sponsors
  • Progressional training
  • August Super hard high altitude loaded training
  • Tapering of training and prepare
  • September / October start the trip

I’m Taco Fleur, 44. You’ve already read loads about me so let’s talk about my son a little.

Benooi Fleur Junghans—aka Son of Caveman—gave me the biggest surprise of my life when he told me that he wanted to complete a Kettlebell Long Cycle with two 16kgs. I pretty much laughed because it was absurd, not even I had done that before! But alas he did it and here’s a photo of him afterward:


If there’s one word to describe my son, it’s tenacious.

Together, we want to do something unheard of. We want to break the mould.

We will drag kettlebells up to the base camp Mt. Everest. That’s 130km in distance and extremely high above sea level.

We’re going to wing it so that could mean it takes longer than usual. We’re not sure if we’ll go the classic route or the path more beaten.

You can get involved in the decision making though! We’ll be broadcasting our whole journey right here.


Why are you doing this?

We love to be challenged, we know the value of mental strength to a good, healthy life. But it’s not all about us, much of our budget will go on helping others too. More on that further down.

I’m 44 years of age, at this point in life many are already anxious about getting weaker as they age. Most people don’t believe that—just like a fine bottle of wine—one can get better as time goes by. Well, I am that bottle of wine, fitter, healthier and more flexible than ever and I want to spread this message to help others improve rather than worsen as life goes by. Age is but a number.

I’m the author of seven books listed on Amazon, creator of over 600 kettlebell videos, creator of numerous online e-courses, loving husband and proud father of a wonderful teenage son.


Get onboard

Accompany us every step of the way. Donate €250 or more and you become part of every decision. That’s twenty journey-altering decisions for you to be part of!


“The training should be harder than the fight itself.”


There are other ways you can take part in this exhilarating mission too:

If you donate $15 or more then you receive the ebook Kettlebell Training Fundamentals with a massive discount

If you donate $20 or more you get a copy of Kettlebell Workouts and Challenges 1.0 at a discounted price

Donate €250 or more and you become part of the decisions that need to be made during the trip. That’s twenty journey-altering decisions for you to be part of via social media, email, or other communication methods.

If you donate €500 or more, you can have your name/brand shouted out during the trip

Pledge €1,000 or more, and you get full advertising sponsor status which includes a fifteen-second mention of your name or brand in vlogs prior to the trip (any products or services have to be aligned with our values, we will not promote unhealthy drinks or unethical items)

Pledge €2,500 or more to snag yourself all of the above plus web and mailout sponsorship package. Email me@tacofleur.com for complete details on all sponsorships.

Of course you are more than welcome to pledge as much as you like and we appreciate even smaller donations of €1 pledged. That’s a small price to pay to be part of this life-changing journey!

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When did we decide on doing this?

One day we looked at each other and just knew it was time to do something groundbreaking and it just felt right.

So far, we’ve already gathered €500 euro for the trip and €100 each to donate to a good cause.

A true adventurer needs no guide so the majority of this trip, we’ll be winging it!
Important things will be researched in advance though, i.e. permits, rules, and other factors that could ruin the objective of reaching base camp with our kettlebells.

I’m not sure about the word charity, I’d rather say “doing some good in the world.”

We’ll be on the hunt for a cause that could do with a little boost—not necessarily the poorest people either. I believe that being monetary wealth does not equate to happiness, one can be perfectly happy without the help of money. We’ll be looking for something like a gifted young person who needs an education, desperate animals in need, or something less extravagant like helping to complete a playground.

We’re also open to ideas, so take part on our private forums or social channels

Join in, be part of something exciting.

Do you want to be the person/business to make this an extra awesome adventure, then please get in touch:

+34 663 468 840

It’s estimated that we’ll be putting out over 100 videos from the day we started our training until the day we get back. Promote your business in the videos. We review related products, outdoor equipment, gear, tech etc.

If you want to know more about kettlebells and become the best version of you, then check out the following books, they’re also available on Amazon under the same titles:

There are also some extremely insightful free resources to get you started, like Kettlebell Grips—take your kettlebell training to the next level.

Courses for those who want to learn the Kettlebells. I’ll be away on Mt. Everest in October but Anna and other certified Caveman trainers will be available to assess and help you through any of the online courses on this link.

Stay in the loop at:

As our journey progresses we will be sharing our adventure with you via:

Make sure you subscribe to one of those channels and if you’d like updates via email—subscribe here.



  • Research backpacks with the following qualities: durable, comfortable, and spacious
  • Find perfect kettlebells that deserve to be taken up this beast of a mountain
  • Did we miss anything? FB or here.



Ideally, we send the kettlebells in advance but worst case, we check them in as luggage. The competition kettlebells must be smooth and easily handled.



We need:

  • 2 of the best water-resistant smartphone cameras for video (sponsored)
  • 2 reliable backup devices
  • Power banks
  • 2 capable laptops to edit footage (compact, sturdy and fast)
  • 2 licenses to a premium video editing suite
  • 2 pairs of quality, minimalist climbing shoes
  • 2 smooth and even competition kettlebells
  • 1 high-quality drone


Full-length movie

For free access to the full-length movie, simply drop us your email and you’ll get the link once it’s released. Once out, we’ll give it away for free for the first 10 days to anyone on the list.



We’re going to need insurance that covers trekking up to altitudes of 6,000m as well as any trekking related injuries and altitude-related illnesses.


Winging it

Once in Nepal, we need to:

  • Buy a tent
  • Buy two sleeping bags
  • Find answers to questions like:
    • How use the toilet along the way?
    • What are the best local causes to donate to?
    • How to upload our adventure on-the-way?
    • The best route to the start?
    • Do we take the classic route or a variation?
    • Do we fly to the starting point or do we take the classic route?



Here’s our training schedule which we’ll update as we get nearer to the date:

  • Hike the highest mountain in Spain (Mulhacén 3,478.6 m / 11,413 ft)
  • Work on Benooi’s back and core strength
  • Hike up Mulhacén with two kettlebells
  • Learn the Wim Hof breathing method
  • Altitude acclimatization on Mulhacén
  • Hike up Mulhacén with everything we’ll be carrying
  • Work on strengthening: trapezius, delts, pectorals, abdominals
  • Work on strengthening the ankles and knees to avoid injury
  • Work on leg strength and stabilization especially with racked reverse lunges
  • Get used to the backpack
  • Get used to the shoes
  • Grip training

Note to self: We can’t use fresh equipment in Nepal—new shoes, new pack back, new clothes etc. could cause friction, rubbing or other unknown hindrances along the way. Hence, we’ll need to iron out these issues way before.



We don’t want this to be a self-serving trip. We are going to spend a lot of time looking for the right people to help and you’re going to help us. You’ll be able to see those that receive the help personally.

This is all part of winging it too. It might be that we meet the cause that needs it the most on day one, or we might have to decide in the last week—who knows? But we’ll be watching and listening, talking to the locals.

What we do know for sure is that we want to be part of something bigger than ourselves.


Content Delivery

In Nepal, we will be delivering our updated and live content via:

Total of over 80K eyes.

Vlog entries

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