21-Days to Kettlebell Training for Beginners

Day 18 Recap and additional kettlebell tips

The following is a summary of day 18.


  • Warming up and muscle priming are super important
  • Mobility work and stretches should become part of your regular training
  • Kettlebell grips and assisted clean should be drilled often
  • With the dead clean you want to get the power generation right to avoid banging
  • If you do come too high you want to come toward and catch the bell
  • Don’t wait for the bell to bang when it went too high
  • This early catch should only be used when working on getting the power
  • Don’t cast your bell out with the clean to avoid a jolt on the shoulder or lower back
  • Move yourself away from the bell to create counter balance
  • You need good thoracic and hip mobility to be able to perform this correctly
  • Don’t follow the kettlebell
  • Let the weight drop naturally and guide it back
  • Tensing the other arm creates even tension throughout the upper body
  • Don’t press away from you but up and back to overhead
  • If you’ve progressed with strength and technique you can start looking at pressing away (more advanced)


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