Day 15 Kettlebell rowing

The following is a summary of day 15.


  • The row as demonstrated targets the rear delts but other muscles of the back are involved
  • You can row while supporting the torso or without
  • Rowing without support challenges the core muscles more
  • Rowing with support allows you to isolate and focus on the row more
  • Relax the elbow flexors while rowing
  • Pull the elbow back into the hip and past
  • If the weight starts dead on the ground it’s a dead row
  • If your hand is coming toward the shoulder you’re curling instead of rowing
  • Control the movement and get out of it what you’re working out for
  • Master the movement first and then go high reps and heavier weight
  • Nothing but the arms that are working should be moving
  • The row demonstrated is the safest in regards to angle between the elbow and ribs
  • The bigger the angle between the elbow and ribs the more emphasis will be placed on the middle of the back
  • The closer your elbow is to the body the safer it is for beginners
  • There are many more ways to perform the kettlebell row



Your fifteenth task is to complete as per below.


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