turkish get-up

Kettlebell Turkish getup

Turkish Getup

The Turkish getup is a full-body exercise that can be performed lunge or squat style. Following is part of the detailed broken down description. You can get the full details in the Kettlebell Exercise Encyclopedia here. Roll onto the side where the kettlebell is, insert the hand with a good grip, place the non-working hand …

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Kettlebell Workout ‘Gravatus’

This is an awesome workout to work on your technique and keep it nice and slow, it features some very advanced moves, especially the Turkish Get-up Squat Style. Buy your kettlebell shirts here.   Workout ‘Gravatus’ ‘Any’ Clean & Press Turkish Get-up Lunge Style ‘Any’ Snatch Turkish Get-up Squat Style 5 x Single Arm Swings …

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