• Master Kettlebell Grips
  • Kettlebell Fundamentals Grips
  • Kettlebell Fundamentals Grips
  • Kettlebell Fundamentals Grips
  • Kettlebell Fundamentals Grips
  • Kettlebell Grip Valerie Pawlowski
  • Kettlebell Grip Valerie Pawlowski

FREE Master Kettlebell Grips Ebook

191 reviews


Take your kettlebell training instantly to the next level with these kettlebell training fundamentals. The information contained within this kettlebell PDF applies throughout your kettlebell training journey. Trust me when I say “It’s a goldmine of information bundled into one short and to the point kettlebell book” free for you to download right now.

This ebook contains 50+ pages with fundamental information and detailed illustrations.


Take your kettlebell training to the next level with this information.


Knowing these grips gives you the key to unlocking kettlebell flows, seamless transitions, building kettlebell combos, training safely, effectively, and efficiently.

The ebook will be prepared on the fly, encrypted, secured with your email address as the case-sensitive password, and we’ll email the link to you which will be available for download 7 days.

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191 reviews for FREE Master Kettlebell Grips Ebook

Based on 191 reviews
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  1. eleni kapitsaki (Verified Customer)


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  2. Brian McDonough (Verified Customer)

    Good stuff here, will be going slowly & taking one step at a time.

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  3. Serhii Kovalenko (Verified Customer)

    All the information I took from the book is clear and useful! I really like it because now I have a lot more knowledge of kettlebell grips! Thank you very much!

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  4. ANDREA CONTI (Verified Customer)

    Having started teaching by myself, the grips are not a clear topic. This book is great

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  5. Lynn M. (Verified Customer)

    Really useful information and so detailed. Lots of clear instructions as well as photos to help visualise the grip and links to more resources to support further learning. Thanks for taking the time to put together such a helpful guide to help je improve my kettlebell skills

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  6. ΓΙΩΡΓΟΣ ΠΑΠΑΔΟΓΙΑΝΝΗΣ (Verified Customer)

    Very useful

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  7. robert (Verified Customer)

    Very well illustrated to get you using kettlebells safely and correctly.

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  8. Douglas Harrington (Verified Customer)

    Very comprehensive!

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  9. Kaisle S. (Verified Customer)

    I’ve recently gotten into KB training following moving to an area with really bad gyms.
    Coming from a strength and powerlifting background the grips I used were very different and when using heavier weighted KBs I noticed strain on my wrists.

    I’m still going through and incorporating the different grip techniques into my training but I already notice a big difference.

    This is a great and essential free resource. Thanks

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  10. Michael Cash (Verified Customer)

    It’s good to know how to hold the kettlebell correctly. I’ve learned I wasn’t holding them correctly.

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  11. Nikos Sourgkounis (Verified Customer)

    Just perfect!

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  12. Robert Haley (Verified Customer)

    The information in this is priceless especially if you’re a beginner using kettlebells.

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  13. Robert James (Verified Customer)

    I have been following Caveman Training and specifically Taco as a coach and mentor for Kettlebell training for almost a year now.

    His work on proper grips for the KB is so important. I have been able to progress in my fitness and achieve my goals, while enjoying KB workouts more because I am not getting as fatigued or injured.

    Taco is always very detailed , thorough and encouraging with his material.

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  14. Nella Sofia Gasparini (Verified Customer)

    I’ m studying the book …… I’m very motivated 😀 the book is very nice and interesting

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  15. Garrett Dalessandro (Verified Customer)

    Fantastic quality and very thorough

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  16. Gabriele Lasi (Verified Customer)

    Continuous improvement!

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  17. Peter M. (Verified Customer)

    Really useful guide. Helped me correct my grip.

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  18. David (Verified Customer)

    First things first! Very good information to learn the basics

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  19. Shantanu Sapru (Verified Customer)

    Yet another EXCELLENT free resource from Caveman Training!
    There’s a LOT more to KB grips than the usual 1-2 grips which we see on YouTube/FB/Instagram/whichever social media platform one is on… — and one comes to realize this on going through this book.
    Full of handy tips & guidance, and with a safety-first focus, this is a superb resource for novices, but can be useful for intermediates as well…

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  20. Rina Suherman (Verified Customer)

    The course has helped me tremendously by understanding the correct Kettlebell techniques

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  21. Brad (Verified Customer)

    Very informative.

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  22. Rondo Thomas (Verified Customer)

    Opened up my eyes to specific technicalities of which I wasn’t aware.

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  23. Richard Lash (Verified Customer)

    Great information.

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  24. Conor Adair (Verified Customer)

    So much information and really easy to follow and understand.

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  25. Brian Stapleton (Verified Customer)

    This book is essential for kettlebell enthusiasts. It’s easy to think you know it all if you have kettelbelled for years like I have. This book corrected loads that I never even thought of, Once you go deep into the grip philosophy you get to understand how it is such an important first step towards proper kettlebell training. This book sets you on this path. Great illustrations also. Highly recommended.

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  26. Lois Clarke (Verified Customer)

    Informative,describes really well ,easy to follow ,I have learnt and putting into practice what I am not doing correctally

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  27. Jan O. (Verified Customer)


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  28. Dimitris Avramidis (Verified Customer)

    Simple,complete and very comprehensive kettlebell information!
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

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  29. Michal C. (Verified Customer)

    Very good quality

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  30. Bert Houtenbos (Verified Customer)

    very helpful

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  31. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Excellent service and content. Super grateful!

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  32. Louis Tellez (Verified Customer)

    Without this data I wouldnt have known essential grips.

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  33. Elizabeth Flanagan (Verified Customer)

    Looking forward to reading it but I cannot find where it downloaded to. I’ll figure it out. Lol

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  34. Terry Johnson (Verified Customer)

    Easy to follow with much information

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  35. Charlotte R. (Verified Customer)

    Learning the different grips is very helpful.

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  36. Ayden J. (Verified Customer)

    Loved how detailed this is. Very well done.

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  37. Lars F. (Verified Customer)

    Great instructions!

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  38. Carlos Gabriel (Verified Customer)

    A very smart start

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  39. Rich (Verified Customer)


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  40. Va R. (Verified Customer)

    Really useful!

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  41. kevin (Verified Customer)

    Excellent instruction and photo examples of proper gripping.

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  42. clifford briden (Verified Customer)

    spot on!

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  43. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    this is a great idea in order to get others started into using kettlebells

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  44. Ambrosia L. (Verified Customer)

    Extremely informative, very helpful to a beginner! Thank you Taco!

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  45. Ruth (Verified Customer)

    Very happy with this training material. Really helped me learn the basics (which I wish I’d learnt long ago).

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  46. Laura Bykofsky (Verified Customer)

    Soooooo helpful. I’m a newbie to bells and this was great. I would have never known how important grips were to using kettlebells but this Ebook showed me the way and the level of importance .

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  47. Javier (Verified Customer)

    Really good content!

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  48. Shawn (Verified Customer)

    I have been working with bells for 9 months now. This is very helpful to improving my technique. I plan on more downloads/purchases in the future. Thanks!

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  49. Óscar (Verified Customer)


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  50. Mark L. (Verified Customer)


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  51. Denis M. (Verified Customer)

    Learned a ton of useful information.