The Essentials of Nutrition in Exercise

It is generally believed that working out will increase muscle size and strength. There is also the widespread misconception that these results come from workouts, and workouts alone.

In fact, nutrition is as important, if not more critical, to develop that very attractive physique. Workouts increase the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, which in turn help grow your muscles to enhance your physique. After every exercise routine, your body is primed to soak up nutrients to repair the tiny tears in the muscle fiber that result from your training session. It is the constant breakdown and repair of such tiny tears in the muscle fibers that help you build up stronger, larger muscles.

If you are not getting the correct amount or type of food before and after your workouts, you will not realize your absolute physical potential, and your body will not have sufficient raw materials to repair damaged tissues from the workout regimes. Balanced diets are a good way to start; however, a simple balanced diet may not suffice for the intensity of a Microfitness training program.

To effectively build muscle and improve strength, individuals need to consume food and nutrients before and after exercise routines. There are significant differences in what you should eat before and after a workout. Eating the right foods at the right times will provide much more energy for your training session, and will also give you the best results for a fitter physique quickly.

The Microfitness Nutrition program is carefully designed to correct many misconceptions. Common myths include how you should work out first thing in the morning without having eaten any food. However, we know that a complicated diet and nutrition program is difficult to adhere, and the nutrition recommendations in the Microfitness programs are designed to make sure that you won’t be inconvenienced too much. The recommendations are also for foods and products that are widely and easily available. For example, rather than a meal before your early morning training session, we might recommend a piece of fruit and a protein shake, or a bowl of oatmeal with cottage cheese.
It is absolutely critical to eat something before your training sessions to ensure you perform optimally and meet the milestones in your program. Essential nutrients for workouts include carbohydrates, which provide fuel and energy for you to keep training, and protein, which help your body repair and build muscle fibers for growth and shape. You should also ingest the recommended vitamins and minerals, which help to initiate and regulate the biochemical reactions that precede the growth and development of muscle. They equally control free radical damage to tissues. Proper nutrition will have a good proportion of antioxidants to combat the constant release of these free radicals in the body, especially after inhaling and utilizing so much oxygen during workouts. There will be more than enough free radicals (oxidants) to cause considerable damage to not just muscles, but other vital organs in the body. Lack of these essential nutrients can result in symptoms like rapid fatigue during exercise (lack of carbohydrates), little or no net gain in muscle mass (lack of protein primarily), cramps (lack of minerals like calcium and magnesium), among a host of other likely uncomfortable experiences.

The Microfitness Nutrition program takes the duration and intensity of each individual’s workout into account when making recommendations on how to eat, what to eat and when to eat.. Different individuals will require quite varying amounts of calories to exercise and achieve results fast.

You should endeavor to consume the recommended amount of calories spread throughout the day. You do not want to have all at one time as your body can only metabolize or absorb so many nutrients at one time. In this regard, a constant supply of body fuel is very important to see the desired growth. Scientifically-manufactured supplements such as whey protein powder or branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) may come in very handy and convenient and are perfectly safe, so you should be open to some of the exciting options out there.

Aside from carbohydrates, protein, and vitamins and minerals, water is another absolutely essential element of your Microfitness training program. You must have adequate amounts of water every day. Dehydration is dangerous to the body, and a dehydrated individual will fatigue quickly. Furthermore, sufficient water is critical to creating the environment for many of the important biochemical reactions that precede the extraordinary and fast results of a Microfitness training program.

To see the best results from Microfitness, follow these basic steps:

  • Make out a meal plan on the quantity and types of food you will eat, based on the advice given to you. Your nutrition program will depend on the intensity and duration of your workouts.
  • Remember to consume adequate water and fuel up with a small meal before every training session so that you’ll be able to give your all during the workout.
  • Eat a small meal immediately after your training session to support muscle growth and repair.
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