SOTs Press, Burpees, Twist Pull-under and Heavy Swings

This workout has a few things in store for you on almost every level

  • cardio
  • explosiveness
  • strength
  • grinding
  • flexibility

There’s only 4 exercises, but they’re a choice of the best of the best, there is the burpee jump, double bell sots press, twist pull-under and double-arm swings, the last two using heavy weight, the sots press is recommended with 1/2 of what you can strict press.

Turn the burpee into plyometrics by landing flat on the feet out of the plank and jumping straight up as high as you can, it’s only 10 reps so you should be able to get some good jumps out.


Any questions, please ask below, don’t forget to watch the video above.


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