$150 Prize Money WIN $50 With Your Short Kettlebell Video

Submit your short kettlebell video and be in the running to win $50 with your clip.

No matter your age, no matter your sex, nothing really matters much other than you demonstrating a kettlebell exercise, a kettlebell combo, or just something cool and creative with a kettlebell. Let’s have a bit of fun. ?

The public will vote on the 3 winners.


The fine print and instructions MUST READ:

  • Your video needs to be at least 1280×720 in size (film horizontal) but the higher the better (if in doubt ask or submit a sample)
  • One additional vote for 4K video
  • One additional vote if you upload the video in our Reddit group
  • Share the post and tag Cavemantraining for an additional vote
  • The video you submit can be used by Cavemantraining in future marketing or any other use we see fit
  • The video should be no longer than 60 seconds and no shorter than 30 seconds
  • Minimum of 10 video submissions required for the contest to open for votes
  • Submissions close on the 25th of June 2019
  • Voting starts on the 25th of June 2019
  • Voting ends at the end of June 2019
  • Full-body needs to be visible in the camera at all times
  • Well lit area or with shadows if it adds to the originality of the video
  • The top 3 videos that receive the most likes will win $50 each
  • The top 3 videos will be used in our YouTube promotion guaranteed
  • When you submit your video you will automatically accept that Cavemantraining owns the rights to that clip and it will be viewed by the public
  • Each clip will also be listed on our kettlebell.video website
  • You can submit a max of two clips/videos
  • Double check your footage—I can’t say this enough—double check for blurring/focus before submitting


What can you film? What are we looking for?

  • Get creative or remain plain
  • Use one, two, or more kettlebells but use a kettlebell
  • Demonstrate one exercise, a combo, or a flow
  • Use audio or remain silent

Remember, the public will vote for you, which will be mostly those in our 10,000 member Facebook Kettlebell Training group. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be flashy, it’s about passion, it’s about having faith in yourself, it’s about effort.


How to submit your video?

If you want a bonus vote then submit your video in our Reddit group and submit the original via one of the following ways, but whatever you do, always submit your video via one of the following ways:

Email or share the link with info@cavemantraining.com and include your facebook name so we can tag you when we upload the video to receive votes.


PS. I see it time and time again, people not reading the instructions and wasting their time, invest the 30 seconds now to avoid disappointment.

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