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The group is all about CrossFit WODs, exercises, and programming, hence, we post related matters, feel free to do the same. You can post your workouts, photos, videos, questions, ideas, discussions, as long as they’re related to exercise. Positivity is a must, no trolling, or putting others down. Only provide form and technique feedback when asked for.

Following are some extremely useful resources:

  1. Free Master Kettlebell Grips e-book (improve your kettlebell game instantly)
  2. Free 21-Days to Weightlifting (for newbies)
  3. The best books for any crossfitter to improve their kettlebell game
  4. Free workout timer app for Android to create the best WODs
  5. Online kettlebell courses and certifications
  6. Online kettlebell snatch certification
  7. Kettlebell books on Amazon
  8. Join CrossFit Chit Chat on Facebook for a more relaxed and fun CrossFit talk


Taco Fleur and Anna Junghans from Cavemantraining

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