Crossfitters—drastically improve your relationship with the kettlebell

Bells should clang, not bang.

6 week online course

Tailored for CrossFit workouts

Focussing on the popular movements

Carries across to all kettlebell movements

More reps | Avoid annoyances | Become efficient…

This online course will teach you how to prevent all of the issues listed, one covered each week, on top of that, you will learn efficiency with kettlebell cleans, swings, snatches, jerks and presses.


 Starts 1st of March 2018 

Duration: 6 weeks
Requirements: Online access, at least one kettlebell

  • Kettlebell Training Fundamentals
    Ebook (listed on Amazon)
  • Hip Hinge Movement—pre-cursor to swings and deadlifts
    Ebook (listed on Amazon)
  • Master The Kettlebell Press
    Ebook (listed on Amazon)
  • Online exams
  • Videos
  • Private Q&A
  • Online assessment
  • Online coaching
  • Certificate of completion

Enrolment fee is $39.95 one-off, and $9.95 paid weekly over six weeks
Enrolment closes the 26th of February
Enrolment is limited to 30 participants per coach
Pay the enrolment fee to reserve your spot today

Below are couple of reviews from other Crossfitters who have completed our online kettlebell certification.



Cody Duge
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science
Kettlebell Fundamentals Trainer L3.0

Limited spots

Enrolment closes on the 26th

Enrol today, reserve your spot for $39.95, download the preparation material right away, and start on the 1st. Contact us for any questions.

Re-occurring issues:

  • Banging
  • Friction
  • Jarring
  • Blisters
  • Incorrect racking
  • Lower-back pain


  • Q: Can I keep access to the material?
    A: All material will be available to you after you’ve completed the course
  • Q: Do I need to film myself?
    A: Filming yourself is not a requirement
  • Q: Do I need to access the course at a specific time?
    A: There are no specific time requirements
  • Q: How much time do I need to invest each week?
    A: Flexible from 1 to 4 hours
  • Q: I have more questions?
    A: Please contact us

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