Your Coach / Assessor

If you purchased this course with support, you will have noticed that certain hours of access to your coach / assessor are included. What does this mean?

  • Your coach is here to assist you and clarify any questions you might have.
  • You can always purchase more if you go outside of the included time.

Your coach is teaching for a living, this means that he/she earns money with teaching people, if the coach will provide assistance to you outside of the included time, then he/she is losing money, please have an understanding for this, and keep this in mind when asking questions, first ask yourself “if I read the provided material again, will I find the answer?”, “if I do some research, will I be able to find the answer?”, “can I post this question in the Kettlebell group?” and if the answer is no, then contact your coach.


Things to keep in mind when contacting your coach or assessor:

  • Your coach has more than one student.
  • Your coach might be living in another timezone than you.

Contact needs to be made via the appropriate channels which will have been provided to you, this means that finding out your coach’s telephone number and calling him/her up to have a chat about the course is not something we encourage, only make contact via telephone if you have been asked to do so. Appropriate channels are:

  • Email
  • Facebook messenger (private chat, not group)
  • Skype chat
  • Skype call (only by appointment)
  • Telephone (only by appointment)


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