How to Navigate

The following instructions are boring, but, if you don’t read them, you might be the person who will be posting a review at the end of the course, saying that XYZ was hard to find, even though it’s explained right here on how to get there. Invest a few minutes.


How to navigate a course you enrolled in:

  1. On the main page of your course at the bottom of the screen you’ll find the course lesson content which looks similar to this:
    Course Content
  2. To the top right there are two links which will allow you to expand or collapse all course content for a better overview.
  3. A grey tick mark means you’re yet to complete the lesson.
  4. To enter the lesson you can click the title of the lesson.
  5. A lesson can have zero or multiple topics.
  6. To see the topics scroll to the bottom of the lesson page where you’ll find the topic content which looks similar to this:
    Course Topics
  7. You can click the title of a topic to enter it.
  8. Topics that are completed will be marked green.
  9. Within a topic you can navigate with the following:
    Topic Navigation
  10. The top number of check marks indicate the number of topics for the lesson.
  11. At the top and bottom of the topic you’ll find a link to go back to the previous lesson.
  12. At the bottom of a topic you’ll find a button that allows you to mark the topic as complete.
  13. Only mark a topic as complete when you have read/seen/heard all content.
  14. Some topics might have a set timer which require you to view the content for at least the set amount of time before you can progress:
  15. You’ll see the associated topic checkmark turn green once completed:
  16. A lesson or topic can have an audio file which you can listen to, it will be the same content as the text:
  17. If the audio is not the same as the text and you’re required to also read the text, this will be indicated with an eye icon:
  18. A topic can have zero or multiple exams assigned to them, you’ll find these at the bottom of the page:
  19. An exam can be freetext, single choice, multiple choice or assignment.
  20. Click Exam Summary once you’ve answered all questions:
  21. The results of the exam will then be displayed to you:
  22. Depending on your score, you might have to redo the exam or continue to the next.
  23. Note that not all exams will display which questions were correct or incorrect, some will require you to find out by yourself which question is incorrect, hence, truly understanding the material provided.
  24. Click Finish Exam if all questions are answered, this will display your final result:
  25. Some exams will allow you to restart.
  26. Click to continue when ready to proceed.
  27. Note that some exams will have graded questions, that means at the display of exam results these questions will not be marked as correct, they will be graded manually, meaning that your assessor will review them. Example, you have 5 questions, and you know you answered all 5 correctly, the result might show 4 out of 5 correct, this is because one is a graded question. You can be asked to resubmit graded questions after your assessor has reviewed them.
  28. In the right menu you’ll find a bar that displays your progress:
  29. In the same right menu you’ll find another course navigation, but note that some courses only allow you to progress sequentially, in which case you’ll be taken back to the start of the course if clicking out of sequence:
  30. You’re advised to take your time with each lesson/topic and spend the time that each topic deserves, some topics will have their exams further down the line, hence, you’ll be lost if you did not pay attention.
  31. If you have questions about any of the lessons/topics, please copy and paste the URL in question into the email to your assessor:

  32. After completing your course successfully, your certificate will display in the right side menu:
  33. If you’ve closed your browser and need to get back to the course, you can do so after signing in and going to You -> Your Courses:

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