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Please be aware that you have purchased a course, you do not own the information that will be provided to you, all material is copyrighted by Kettlebell Training Education, Cavemantraining, and Taco Fleur. What does this mean?

  • You are not allowed to provide any of the material you receive from us to other people, this includes but is not limited to;
    • documents
    • videos
    • photos

You are able to freely use the knowledge you have gained from this course, and transfer it to other people, as long as you do not include our material, or replicate it without our written consent.



If you purchased this course with support and certification, then Cavemantraining is the entity providing the Certificate. Passing a course allows you to train your clients with Kettlebells for the exercises you’ve been qualified for, Cavemantraining does not endorse you training clients for any exercises other than the ones covered in the course, and those you’ve been qualified for. Being qualified gives you the right to advertise yourself as per the exact title you’ve enrolled for, it does not allow you to use any of our trademarks like logo, name or any other branding. To be able to use the branding of Cavemantraining, please contact the management, or speak to your coach as this will be assessed on individual basis, and/or might require affiliation.