Time and Dedication

If you have taken other courses online before, you might or might not have skimmed through the content and taken an exam all within a time-frame of an hour or less, you should be aware that this course is not one where you can skim through the content, quickly take an exam, and receive your certificate. Our aim is to truly pass on the knowledge you need to build upon, and excel at kettlebell training.


Your online course consists out of multiple lessons, topics, and exams. First you will need to carefully read the theory, and make sure you fully understand it, as you will be tested on it. Contact your coach or assessor if you do not understand parts of your theory. After theory comes the exams, which consist out of multiple-choice, and/or open ended questions. After having passed your exam comes the practical, this is where you put into practice what you have been learning, at this stage you will physically need to demonstrate that you understand and can execute the exercises covered.


Theory: a supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something, especially one based on general principles independent of the thing to be explained.

Exam (Examination): a formal test of a person’s knowledge or proficiency in a subject or skill.

Practical: an examination or lesson in which theories and procedures learned are applied to the actual making or doing of something.




You are encouraged to use the Internet to do research and ask questions, using resources like Youtube, Facebook Groups, however, you should be aware that not everything you will come across is correct or safe information, use the information at your own discretion, always use more than one source for information and ask for confirmation in our Kettlebell Group if you’re not sure, ultimately, ask your coach, or assessor.




It’s important to know that some questions in your exam will require you to be creative, to do your own research, think outside the box and in some cases there is no right or wrong answer.

Retain the information, as a lot of questions will be presented to you in the final exam, which is after completing all lessons, rather than after each lesson.

Some exams are only allowed to be repeated 3 or 5 times, those are the maximum number of tries before you’ll be marked as failed. You can retake your exams by re-purchasing the course at a highly reduced rate, and you’ll be required to start the course from scratch, hence, the additional time invested by your assessor warrants the re-purchase of the course.

If no weight is mentioned for a physical assessment, it means you make your own decision on what safe weight to use. If we feel that the weight you chose is too light, we may ask you to redo a portion of the video.

You will be prompted to provide feedback on your own form and technique when arriving at the physical exams. The reason for this approach is to have you analyse yourself, demonstrate you understand the information provided to you, and in some cases does not require you to re-submit a physical exam, i.e. you’ve demonstrated that you know what requires practise.

Cheating in any form or manner with your exam will result in disqualification without a refund. If you’re about to do something and you think to yourself “could this be cheating”, and you want to be safe, contact your coach.

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