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Cavemantraining has created a unique program to learn kettlebells from the absolute ground/zero up to kettlebell maestro in one year. Learn one new kettlebell exercise each week for a whole year, from the comfort of your home.


Pay weekly, cancel any time you want.


Everything presented during the year is done with the intend to progress you step-by-step.


How does it work?

Our program is one full year of training, we release one new kettlebell exercise to learn at home each week, and you learn through safe and logical progressions. You also have the option to purchase additional help, it’s just like having your own personal trainer.

Check out the full details of the programme here, or contact us to ask your question.


Sample videos

You’ll be working directly with Taco Fleur and Anna Junghans. Following is a sample video that’s combined with our online courses.

Part of the material provided at the end of the year.

Part of the material provided 3/8 into the programme.