EINAR — A Workout With Kettlebell, Dumbell, and Bar (pull-up)

EINAR—One Who Fights Alone

This is a workout where I combine the kettlebell, dumbbell, and bar in one workout. Let’s dive straight into the workout.


Task 1

Male Rx 20kg/44lbs kettlebell 
Female Rx 16kg/35.2lbs kettlebell

5 x Single-Arm Hip Hinge Swing (each side)

4 x CrossFit Burpee

2 x Strict Pull-Up

1 x Positive Handstand Push-Up

6 ROUNDS (7-minute time cap)


2 minutes of active recovery


Task 2

Male Rx 2 x 10kg/22lbs dumbbells
Female Rx 2 x 8kg/17.6lbs dumbbells

Dumbbell Combo:

  • Strict Hammer Curl
  • Hang Clean
  • Push Press



Alternatives And Progressions

CrossFit burpee replaced with a burpee.

Strict pull-up replaced with a jumping pull-up.

Positive handstand push-up replaced with 5 sec. handstand hold.




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