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Caveman Circuit program CT201200862 ‘All Rounder’

Download the Caveman Circuit program CT201200862  as a PDF for free below.

Get ready for an intermediate workout that will challenge all aspects of your fitness, then the Cavemantraining “All-Rounder” is for you. You’ll be using a combination of free weights, kettlebells, and tyres for resistance during the session. The exercises that we’ve chosen will work the muscles in both your upper and lower body and help you build strength and power.

You’ll also be getting a great core workout as you work your abs and lower back to keep your body in alignment during the exercises. You’ll be moving quickly from station to station, and the non-stop nature of the workout will also enhance your endurance. In addition, we have some agility drills to make sure that you stay quick on your feet.

You’ll do this circuit 4 to 5 times, spending 45 seconds at each station, with no breaks in between each station. There are no breaks between each round either – just keep going until we tell you to stop.

We’ll wrap up this tough workout with the Challenge. It’s ten minutes of unrelenting hell as you do tyre squat presses, tyre burpees, and tyre overhead lunges. We guarantee your legs and arms will be just as rubbery as the tyres you’re carrying by the end of the workout!

You can download the PDF below.

Please note that we have completely redesigned our website and branding in 2016, the PDF will still refer to old branding and websites.

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