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Caveman Circuit program CT201200858 ‘Not Tyre-d (Yet)!’

Download the Caveman Circuit program CT201200858 as a PDF for free below, the PDF contains exercise descriptions, circuit details, muscle groups worked and more.

This effective workout is a great introduction to the Caveman style of training. It’s suitable for both beginners and more experienced exercisers, and is targeted at helping you improve agility and build cardiovascular endurance. These elements of fitness are especially important if you engage in sports, but are also handy if you want to feel like less of a klutz in your everyday life.

The exercises are fairly easy to do, and there’s a minimum of equipment. We mostly just use tyres and kettlebells. If you’ve never used tyres in your workouts before, you’re in for a treat. You’ll be surprised at how versatile this everyday item can be in making your workout both fun and challenging. (Plus it allowed us to give this workout a cool name!)

In the first half of each round, you’ll be moving almost constantly, jumping in and out of tyres, dodging around poles, and generally doing lots of plyometric (explosive) moves. Agility combines balance, coordination, speed, reflexes, among other things, and the movement patterns are likely to be quite unfamiliar to you. This will keep you on your toes literally (and mentally) and challenge your agility. At the same time, the constant movement will challenge your cardiovascular system.

In the second half of the round, we change the focus a little bit to give you a breather from the constant running around. Don’t think that we’re making things easy for you though! You’ll be working on your muscular strength and endurance, with moves that challenge all the muscles in your body. It’s just as taxing as jumping in and out of tyres – just in a different way. Although there aren’t any exercises where we’ll be working your core specifically, you’ll find that your abs and lower back are getting a good workout as you’ll be using them continually during all the exercises to keep the body in perfect alignment.

Do this circuit 3 to 4 times, spending 45 seconds at each station, with no breaks in between each station. We’ll give you a short 15-second break between each round to catch your breath. The exercises are challenging without being overly intimidating, and most beginners will be able to complete the circuit if they push themselves hard. Not “tyre-d” yet? You definitely will be when you’re done!

You can download the PDF below.

Please note that we have completely redesigned our website and branding in 2016, the PDF will still refer to old branding and websites.

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