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Caveman Circuit program CT201200851 ‘Progress’

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In this 27 to 30-minute long circuit program, you will perform a significant number of repetitions that target your shoulders, biceps and triceps. This type of training volume stimulates muscle development, which means this particular session will effectively build muscular size and tone in your arms. The exercises are structured in a manner to begin with more basic exercises and then progress to more complex stations. This way, you’ll master and understand how to correctly complete a basic movement before you incorporate that movement into a multiple component exercise.

This circuit features 11 stations, each of which lasts for 45 seconds each. You’ll move from one station immediately into the next one, except for a quick 15-second break at the end of each round. In between the shoulder and arm exercises are intense, cardiovascular and anaerobically-based stations, such as burpees, jump rope and sprinting. As a result, these exercises will elevate your heart rate up into the red zone, and because you’re continuing without rest, it will stay there throughout the duration of your workout. In addition to this type of back-to-back structure effectively developing your cardiovascular system and causing you to burn a significant number of calories, the quick pace will allow you to get in about 3 rounds of the 11 stations.

Our circuits are designed to push you to another level. No doubt you’re going to find yourself taxed during the burpees, jump rope and sprints. Dig down deep! Focus on only the station that you’re on and do the best you can during that particular 45 second period. You’ll find that as you make your way through the workout and are able to push yourself, you’ll become more mentally tough and will be able to handle the challenge!

You can download the PDF below.

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