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Caveman Circuit program CT201100825 ‘Everything… and the kitchen sink’

Download the Caveman Circuit program CT201100825 as a PDF for free below, the PDF contains exercise descriptions, circuit details, muscle groups worked and more.

This 8-station circuit has been designed especially for newcomers to the Caveman style of training, and is also a good circuit for workout novices. We’ve called this workout “Everything and the kitchen sink” because it utilises almost every type of free weight equipment you’d normally see in the gym – and some (like tyres and sandbags) that you normally won’t.

For this circuit, we’ve chosen basic strength-training moves that every gym-goer should master. These classic exercises have stood the test of time because they’re relatively simple (but not easy) to do, yet extremely effective and efficient. All the exercises are compound exercises, meaning that you’ll be working multiple major muscles in your upper and lower body at the same time. You’ll also be taxing your cardiovascular system as these compound moves will get your heart pumping hard, and the short intervals between systems will ensure that your heart rate remains elevated for the entire duration of the circuit.

If you’re wondering why we haven’t included any specific moves to train your abdominals, that’s because your core muscles in your lower back and abdomen will already be working overtime throughout this circuit to keep your back and spine supported.

We’ll have barbells, kettlebells, weight plates, and dumbbells of different weights at the stations for you to choose from. As these exercises are also meant to improve your strength, it is important that you select weights that are relatively challenging. A good rule of thumb is that if you find the last few repetitions in the 45-second interval very difficult to complete with good form, then you’ve chosen the right amount of resistance. If on the other hand, you are breezing through and barely breathing hard at the end of the interval, you know you’re not working hard enough. Bring up the intensity on the next round by selecting a heavier weight. Of course, if you’re falling over after two reps, for God’s sake, choose a lighter weight. It’s not about how much you lift, it’s about lifting the correct amount of weight properly.

Do the circuit five times, spending 45 seconds at each station, and going straight to the next. There are no breaks between stations, although there’ll be a 15-second break between each round. You’ll find that as you progress through the five rounds, you’re more and more tired. The 45 seconds at each station will feel like an eternity, while the 15 seconds will pass by in a flash! You’ll know that you had a great workout when at the end of five rounds, your legs feel like they’re going to fall off from the squats and lunges, and your shoulders are screaming.

You can download the PDF below.

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