The Kettlebell Bent Press

Heya, if you’ve been reading Cavemantraining articles for a while you know that I’m all for renaming the Bent Press to something more descriptive for what the exercise really is, but let’s not dwell on that for now…

The Bent Press is an awesome and powerful looking exercise, if you do it right you look seriously cool. Let me tell you a few things about the Bent Press, this exercise is actually not a press, it’s like the Jerk, you’re coming under the kettlebell by pulling down and hip hinging, but enough, have a look at the video above which will give you some details on this exercise, and if you want more, check out

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Watch someone way stronger than me put some serious weight above his head.

If you missed the video above, check it out below, and as always, please leave your feedback below.

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