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will be turned into an award winning video
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That’s not all! Top 10 will also be turned into an awesome printable PDF,
with photos submitted by yourself, from our stock library, or custom made.
The PDF will also be made available for download in our own FREE WOD library.



Contest is now open and remains open till the 31st of November 2017.

On the first of December all entries will be processed.

On the 7th of December the top 50 workouts will be displayed for public voting.

Entry with the most votes on 14 December wins $100.

Top 10 entries will be turned into a video over the following 2 months. PDFs will be issued as soon as possible within the same timeframe.


The workout needs to include:

  • Workout name
  • Exercises
  • Scaling
  • Weight
  • Clear descriptions
  • Movement standards
  • Author details
  • Duration
  • Equipment
  • Targets
  • Video (optional)
  • Photo (optional)
  • Fluff (optional, but might get you more chance on votes, in the end it all comes down to votes), here’s an example of a workout Cavemantraining designed for BoxRox, which has a lot of fluff.

Download a template, complete it and email it back to us on [email protected]

Got questions? Ask below.
Or in our discussion group.

You’ll agree to waive all rights to the workout.
Each public listing will include name, and business logo.



  • Q: Where will my workout be listed or used?
    A: If your workout is accepted, it will be listed on the Cavemantraining website under the Workouts link, Youtube, Facebook and/or Twitter.
  • Q: Does the workout have to be a kettlebell workout?
    A: No, we accept all kinds of workouts.
  • Q: What does it mean to waive all rights to the workout?
    A: It means that once it’s submitted we can do with it as we see fit.
  • Q: Can I copy and paste from others?
    A: Your workout and accompanying information needs to be original and can’t be copied from anywhere else.
  • Q: Do I need to complete all the information?
    A: No, you can leave some of the information blank, but the more information is submitted, the higher the chance of it being accepted and voted on.
  • Q: Will you always create a video from the accepted workout?
    A: It will depend whether on whether you’ve submitted footage with your submission, whether we can easily replicate the workout, or get material elsewhere.
  • Q: What will the video quality be like?
    A: See sample below.
  • Q: Can I make a team workout?
    A: Yes.
  • Q: Can I do this with together with others?
    A: Yes.
  • Q: Can it be as simple as 1000 clean and press?
    A: Yes, whatever you think will get the votes.
  • Q: Can I submit Cindy or Murph?
    A: Did you design it?
  • Q: Do I need to be a genius?
    A: Probably not, it’s a fair go for everyone as it’s the public that will decide.



Submit your workout online

Download a template to submit your workout to us today.

Fine Freaking Print
  • All workouts need to adhere to the rules explained above
  • The winner will receive the payment via PayPal
  • Minimum of 50 submissions need to be received at closing of contest, or contest will be extended for another month
  • Winners will be announced on our Facebook, and Youtube
  • Votes close 14 December 12pm CET time

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