Start With Kettlebells in 2023

Start With Kettlebells in 2023

Start the new year with a commitment to YOU. A new strong and fit you with the help of the KETTLEBELL! Pick one, or more:

A) Start a split strength and hypertrophy program (heavy kettlebells required)

B) Start a cardio and strength program (one kettlebell required)

C) Buy the best collection of 5 workouts (beginners to advanced)

D) Join our private group for hundreds of follow-along workouts and coaching

E) Get kettlebell certified online and join the best

Shop now and make that commitment for the rest of the year.

A) Prometheus Phase II — 3, 4, and 6-Day Split

B) The Pace Maker Kettlebell Protocol — For Cardio and Strength

C) 5 Awesome Follow-Along Kettlebell Workout Routines

D) 200+ Kettlebell Workout Library and Coaching

E) Get Kettlebell Certified Online

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A) and B) are programs with progressions to keep you busy for a long time. You get all the info that you need to understand everything, including follow-along videos and videos for deep knowledge.

C) is a collection of a variation of workouts with different goals. Includes follow-along and technique videos. You can repeat the workouts and make them part of your program.

D) is for those that want a kick up the butt, commitment, motivation, 200+ workouts, and above all, to make sure that things are done correctly by taking advantage of the optional personalized coaching.

E) is for those that want to learn the fundamentals of kettlebell training to make sure that the technique is right by completing physical and written exams. Those that pass obtain their official certificate.

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