Exercise / Movement Explained in 15+ Simple Dot Points

Exercise slash movement explained in 15+ simple dots points, covering just the start and/or end position of the exercise.

  1. A press brings an object from chest proximity to overhead.
  2. A snatch brings an object from below hip level to overhead.
  3. A push (up) brings the torso away from the hands.
  4. A pull up brings the torso closer to the hands.
  5. A row brings the hands closer to the torso.
  6. A squat brings the hips closer to the ground.
  7. A hip hinge brings the shoulders closer to the ground.
  8. A lunge brings one knee closer to the ground.
  9. A curl brings the hand(s) closer to the shoulder(s)/heel(s) closer to the hips.
  10. An extension brings hand(s) further from the shoulder(s)/heel(s) further from the hips.
  11. A clean brings an object from below the hips to chest level (into racking position).
  12. A lift bring an object from lower to higher position.
  13. A step brings the body away from the starting position.
  14. A walk is the progression from stepping.
  15. A jog is the speed progression from walking.
  16. A run is the speed progression from jogging.
  17. A sprint is the speed progression from running.
  18. And finally, the one everyone loves to hate—burpee brings the torso parallel to the ground.




Push up



Hip hinge

Bent-over = hip hinge.


13 seconds in, reverse lunge.


Before the Jerk, a clean is performed.


Before the walk, the weight is lifted.




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