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Kettlebell Workshop Essex UK


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Kettlebell Workshops

Learn how to train safely and effectively with kettlebells. Suitable for beginner to advanced, for the at-home kettlebell enthusiast to the personal trainer.

Date: Saturday, 3 and Sunday 4 Oct 2020
Schedule: See below
: Michael Ajibulu from Cavemantraining
Host: Good2Go Bodyworks
Location: Essex, England

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Oct 3
10am — 1pm

Kettlebell Training Fundamentals

The foundation for kettlebell training and the workshops that follow:

  • Warming up for kettlebell training
  • Muscle priming and mind-muscle connection
  • Swing (swing variations)
  • Clean (swing and dead)
  • Press
  • Row
  • Rack
  • Common injuries and prevention
  • Workout


2pm — 5pm

Kettlebell Clean variations (beginner to advanced)

  • How to use clean variations for transitions and combos
  • How to make training more exciting, interesting, and challenging
  • Clean variations advanced
  • Workouts


Oct 4
10am — 1 pm

Snatch variations (beginner to advanced)

  • Snatch for endurance
  • Workout
  • Snatch for strength
  • Workout


2pm — 5pm

Kettlebell exercises for strength and flexibility

  • TGU
  • Windmill variations
  • Bent press
  • And other CAVEMANROM exercises



  • £40 ($50 USD) for a half-day; or
  • £70 ($86 USD) for a full day; or
  • £130 ($160 USD) for both days

Includes a printable certificate of participation



Registrations are transferable but not refundable.


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