From Zero To Kettlebell Maestro (one year)


One full year of training, one new kettlebell exercise to learn at home each week, learn through safe and logical progressions.

9.99 a week cancel when you want
One off sign-up fee 39.95


Pay 14.99 a week and get all of the above plus:

  • Private online coaching
  • Alternative exercises
  • Assessment of each weekly exercise
  • Choose your coach
    • Male or female

New sign ups every first of the month. Limited to 30 per coach. Reserve your spot.
Sign up before the program starts and get your assessment out of the way.


  • At least one kettlebell
  • Cleared to exercise
  • Video camera / smartphone for the assessment and if you purchase the plan that includes assessments and coaching

“Taco has a way of breaking down the basics of the kettlebell workout that anyone can understand and leaves nothing up to questions. I highly recommend this for anyone who is looking to further their understanding of the kettlebell! This information starts out very basic with, what and how kettlebells work with your body. Breaking it down to the foundation of the science behind the techniques. For anyone looking to taking their training to the next level, this paired with are invaluable tools.”

-Derek Coulter (1 month kettlebell user)


Following is sample content from one kettlebell exercise, this with lots of other content would be provided each week.



After your one-off sign-up fee is processed, you will get immediate access to download the books that come with the program. You will be required to setup your weekly payments, these can be cancelled anytime, however, the sign-up fee can’t be refunded.


To sign up to one of the programs, simply add this product to your basket and check out. This will pay your sign-up fee, and gives access to the material that comes with the program, it also provides the material required to submit your assessment. After completing the purchase process for this product, return here and select from below the weekly plan you want to sign up for. Make sure you complete your weekly subscription (below) right after paying your sign-up fee, not doing so may result in you not being able to join till the next programme, which starts on each 1st day of the month.


Discounts for yearly up-front payment are available as following:


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