Online Snatch Camp


This online snatch camp will take any beginner step-by-step from zero to snatching in 21-days. Even those who know how to snatch but can’t snatch 10 minutes or 500+ reps unbroken and are tearing their hands, banging their wrists, or fatiguing will get a gold mine of information out of this camp.

It’s 21 days of progression step by step, you’ll learn all the important things to prevent injury, annoyances, and how to snatch more efficiently.


You’ll get:

  • Coaching
  • Assessments
  • Information
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Q&A


You’ll need:

  • One kettlebell
  • Camera
  • Internet connection
  • Motivation


You can learn at your own pace and catch up every two or three days max, but we recommend daily participation.

Snatch Physics


You can also choose to include the ebook with your purchase, this will allow you to read up about the information straight away and refer back to all the information after the camp has finished. The entry fee is $19.95 without the book and $44.95 with the book.

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