Competition Kettlebell 8 Kilos And Up With FREE Shipping


Don’t waste your money on any other competition bell, this is a great competition kettlebell with smooth handles and excellent balance.

Comes with FREE shipping.

Ideal for women and men, same size regardless of weight, awesome for uniform training experience.

  • Size is the same regardless of weight, so your technique does not change when using different weights
  • Comfortable on the forearm and/or rack position
  • Colour coded for easy identification to international standards
  • Handle is 33mm as per regulation
  • Designed for high repetition during snatches, jerks and other kettlebell exercises
  • Original because no one else has steel competition style kettlebells based in five pound increments
  • Durable kettlebells have a steel construction
  • Modeled after competition style kettlebells but made for kettlebell enthusiasts used to five pound lifting increments and normal fitness use

Available in the following weights:

“Competition kettlebells is all we use for design of our workouts on Cavemantraining” Taco Fleur


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