• 45 pound black kettlebell

Black Steel Kettlebell 30 Pounds And Up With FREE Shipping


Whether you’re looking for an upgrade in kettlebells, or just starting to collect kettlebells, this seamlessly designed and durable kettlebell is a “must have”. Unlike most other kettlebells, this is a kettlebell with an aesthetic appeal, it’s a kettlebell that’s not only perfect for CrossFit, High Intensity Workouts, Circuits, Home Workouts, and more, this is also a kettlebell you can place in your living room and make it look good.

Comes with FREE shipping.

Ideal for women and men, same size regardless of weight, awesome for uniform training experience.

  • Size is the same regardless of weight, so your technique does not change when using different weights
  • Hollow core to create better balance during lifts, as most competition bells with welded bottoms and fillers can shift and rattle around with movement making it harder to complete your workout
  • Without welding which means it is cast as one solid piece instead of welding parts
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Gravity cast to create better surface finish and better dimensional accuracy compared to other types of molds
  • Comfortable on the forearm and/or rack position
  • Colour coded for easy identification to international standards

Available in the following weights:

“Competition kettlebells is all we use for design of our workouts on Cavemantraining” Taco Fleur