• Master The Get-Up

Master The Get-Up Learn At-Home Online Course


Allow me to teach you some of the best and functional movements patterns to get up from the ground and enjoy the benefits of increased:

  1. Strength
  2. Flexibility
  3. Mobility
  4. Stability
  5. Endurance

And so much more.

In this course I will break down some of the popular exercises like the Turkish Get-Up, starting with bodyweight and drilling each part of the movement, slowly building up to the full movement, and then add weight.

  • Turkish Get-Up Lunge Style
  • Turkish Get-Up Squat Style
  • Shin Box Get-Up
  • Gladiator Get-Up
  • Squat Get-Up
  • Hindu Get-Up
  • And more

You will be able to learn these movements and program them for strength, muscular endurance, stability, and so much more.

The most detailed and longest explanation in this course is for the Turkish Get-up as that is the most popular get-up variation and it also lays some of the foundations for the variations of the get-up. I also provide a summary of the TGU so that people who do have some experience with the TGU can skip the long explanation and step-by-step progressions.


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