The Importance of Execution

Hi, I’m Glenn Shelford and this is going to be the first post on executing on the stuff you know, and how to get into doing things and not MORE research. I work as a personal trainer, and own a bootcamp business which exposes me to a lot of different people & approaches to exercise. I feel I’ve learnt more about people’s motivation for things in general, just by watching how they approach the learning exercises etc and then applying what they learn.

I’ve had to learn to get clients doing what I told them, firstly within my own personal training business, and at gyms I worked. The hardest part to deal with was that I would get clients doing this, who were paying me. But I’d find myself feeling like a hypocrite for not following that very same advice.

It just didn’t add up in my head. Why could I not do the exact same thing I was asking all my clients to do with their diet, I just kept snacking and eating late at night. Then I’d wake up, re-commit to me being “back on it” and saying “from today everything changes”

…never happened!


The one big event or change never came around, and this is something I’ve seen countless clients going through, and dealing with personally, it’s like my mind will just throw up some BS excuse about how I’ll get back on the path tomorrow and this is the last time I’m going to have the extra cake at dessert.

We learn, we grow our skill set, we develop relationships with the right people who could help us, we go out of our way to help others when they need it, but the majority of people don’t seem to reach their own goals with their fitness and confidence. Which brings my thinking back to the importance of execution, and the lack of time we spend doing it.

Some people, like myself are over thinkers and think we can learn a skill in a book before trying it, so I can skip the initial being bad at it phase and get straight to the good stuff. The ego plays a massive part here, and doesn’t allow people sometimes to go through that initial mess up stage where their lunges look like a drunk walk home from the pub, I take myself way too seriously sometimes, and this stops me learning a new life lesson or a new skill, or just having fun.

The best members and clients I’ve had are the ones who show up and don’t care what they look like, how bad their technique is, they’re in it for the long haul. These are the people who are over that “what will people think of me” phase, and are willing to do just about anything to get that skill learnt.

My job in the main, is a little pointless…

I basically teach people to do what they already know, which is eat better and talk to themselves more positively, and then make sure they’re doing it. Here is where the value of having someone holding you accountable comes in, it’s making sure that when a client fall off, it’s not falling too hard and that their journey doesn’t end, just gets back on track.

This is where my job picks up relevancy, as once the client gets a little bit of a result, and says to themselves “maybe I can do this”, then they want to learn more… the sad thing is that a lot of people don’t get past this first stage, and don’t stick in long enough to get the FIRST results.

Books are available on absolutely everything now, so there is no longer any single thing or skill we can’t learn. It’s just down to the lack of action and execution that makes the difference of whether we learn that skill or don’t.

It’s like climbing a ladder using only one leg, this would never work… both feet need to move in sync. left foot moves, then right foot moves. Left foot could be learning a new exercise on Google, and right foot would be going to the gym after and trying it. Then left foot moves again, learning a new sit up, then right foot takes you to the gym to show it off on the mats.

There comes a point, when we spend so much time reading about things, listening to different opinions on them, running them past our friends and loved ones to see what they think, that all the initial momentum we built up in the first place just goes flat.

By talking and just thinking, we’re wasting time after a certain point, just do the thing!

The action takers will learn as they go, just like when I teach someone to squat, it may not be perfect the first time, but by the tenth set… they’re improving massively and their legs are hurting and beginning the journey.

So I suppose could have rambled less in this post, got my point across in a more clear and concise way, however this is how my over-thinking brain works. If it helps one person to finally move into trying out that new thing they’ve been promising themselves they’d do ages ago. Then I’m happy that it’s been posted.

Thanks for reading and I’ll always welcome all comments and critiques below, just so I can spend a little bit more time reading and not “doing the thing” 😉

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