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Coach Pam Robinson The Bodyshaping Specialist

Meet Pam Robinson, the lady who loves to shape female bodies into lean mean functional eye candy.


What you put on the inside, shows on the outside.



What age were you when you first started with weight training? What got you into weight training?

I didn’t start weight training until I was about 28, I was anorexic, doing loads of ‘classes’, then one day I walked past the weights room and thought “there’s another way I can burn calories”.

I noticed after a few months that my biceps were getting bigger, I then saw a girl who had muscular legs and thought “That looks awesome. I’m never gonna be a skinny bitch, so why not try changing the shape of my body with weights and eating properly”.

I chatted with a couple of bodybuilders from the gym, they offered to do me up a meal plan, from that day onwards I have weighed and prepped my food. I didn’t ‘stop and start’, I just decided one day that this is for me and I’ve never gone backwards.

That was 20 years ago. I was once 41kgs and still carried a lot of fat, but I was only losing muscle! I’m now about 25kgs heavier and so much happier.


How has weight training helped you? What are the benefits, mentally and physically?

Weight training combined with my diet and supplementation has helped me enormously, I was a severe asthmatic, in and out of hospital every year for about a decade, had severe back pain from a car accident as a teen, and suffered with Rheumatoid Arthritis since the age of 12. I no longer suffer from these issues., my back has been fixed through weight training and use of a Chiropractor. I rarely get asthma anymore, a combination of supplements and weight training have cured my RA.

Prior to weight training I was pigeon toed, had knocked knees, and even though I was under nourished I still had a big fat bum. Now my legs are straighter, my foot placement is normal, I no longer carry much fat on my butt as I focus on the shape through training, natural supplementation to control excess oestrogen and I avoid toxic chemicals that increase xenoestrogens.

Q&A with Pam Robinson


What would you like to say to those women who think if they start weigh training they’ll end up looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger?

I wish!! If that was the case I’d be huge, women just get firmer not bigger.

Please avoid the aerobic classes and treadmills…. They get you nowhere.



How many days a week do you train?

During comp prep I weight train 6 days a week and rarely do cardio. Training 4 days a week is my preference in the off season. But I also love doing Double Training, heavy reps in the a.m. and lighter in the p.m.


Please explain to our audience what it is that a bodyshaping specialist does?

Bodyshaping involves shaping your body into the physique you desire using Weight training, Nutrition and Supplementation, plus sometimes a little cardio.

It’s about teaching your body to use bodyfat for fuel and not starving yourself. Shaping your body requires you to look after your hormonal health, not destroying it with starvation and muscle wasting exercise. To shape your body you need to feed it the right nutrients at the right time, and not necessarily counting calories.



What’s the biggest mistake or assumption people coming to you make?

People assume you have to bust your ass to get into shape. They also assume that they will be eating 1200 calories.  Most people are shocked at how much food I expect them to eat. Having a healthy body isn’t about starving yourself. It’s about fuelling the machine!

A lot of people are surprised when I explain that I eat a heap of food, especially fats and do only 40 mins a day of exercise. Being prepared with your food is of the utmost importance and that’s usually a new thing for beginners to consider.


What is the biggest issue you have to deal with in your industry?

My biggest issue are quitters!!! At consults I explain the process and advise that they shouldn’t start if they cannot do what they need to do to get the results they are after. People have a fantasy about what they want, but not everyone is serious about the commitment involved to achieve it.

I’m fully committed to help anyone that asks for it, but I can’t do that if they avoid me. A lot of people say they want results, but when it comes to checking in, they hide and avoid me. Unfortunately I occasionally get caught up in these silly games and it hurts my heart when that happens.


What kind of competitions have you entered and what kind of results have you had with them?

My first Figure competition was in 2009 or 2010. I came 4th in my first show. I’ve done quite a few since then and my best achievement was 2nd place in INBA Figure Masters International at a State Title. I’ve also tried Bikini 40+ but was advised I was ‘too conditioned’ for that division. But I had fun.


What results do your clients achieve in competitions?

The list is too big to go through. However, this last season one of my girls won a State Championship in Fitness and went on to compete in Manila. Her improved confidence was a great achievement. My girls always walk away with trophies. Last season there were about 20 trophies from 2 ladies.


I would think that you’ve seen it all, many women want it, but then quickly find out “it’s not that easy”, what would be the biggest issue you’ve had to deal with?

I think one of the biggest issues is that people think that you have to do hours and hours of cardio and starve themselves. Just look at The Biggest Loser, that show is just ridiculous and gives people an unrealistic expectation.

Besides, where does Michelle Bridges come up with the whole 1200 calorie thing with her 12 week challenge? That’s a point of starvation for some women, all they do is lose a heap of muscle and then rebound with fat when it’s all over. This just creates that yo-yo mentality, which is unhealthy and it stuffs up their hormones.

On a personal level, my biggest trouble makers are the people who don’t stick to the plan and then say it didn’t work.

The most important factor is the nutrition side. Whether people choose to prepare good or bad food, which all takes time. When people say they don’t have time to prepare nutritious meals, that’s where I see trouble starting.

When it comes to my clients, their plans are based on individual requirements gathered through the BioPrint assessment. I make sure they are eating enough food for the whole process. No one starves, and no one over exercises to the point of adrenal fatigue.

The BioPrint tells me what they are lacking nutritionally, that’s where their supplementation plan works with their hormones and not against it.

The hardest part for them is putting up with uneducated people telling them what they should be doing. I hear stories of people on low cals for up to 6 months to get on stage, stories of people doing hours of cardio – especially fasted (meaning as soon as you get out of bed, no food, straight onto cardio). Which is something I never recommend. And ironically, they are being advised to do this by coaches who charge more than I do!!!!

My clients also get one cheat meal a week right up to peak week. So they never feel like they are missing out.


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Pam Robinson is available for online training and coaching with programs and customised packages.
Email: [email protected]
Age: 48
Weight: 65kg
Twitter: @NitroGirl_PT

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