What is Cavemantraining?

It’s back to basics, back to nature, movement, health, fitness, strength, mobility, mental toughness, sustainable lifestyle, in short, it’s how to lead a long healthy content life. We use our own senses, common sense, without relying on technology. The complex and amazing nature of our bodies abilities can never be replaced. Learn to listen.


Who is Cavemantraining for?

It’s for everyone, I literally mean everyone that wants to put in the effort to achieve a successful life, a productive life, a meaningful life, a life full of movement and experiences. It’s for the young and old. Start early. Teach your children the most important aspects of life, teach them how to survive and overcome difficulties, prepare them.


How does Cavemantraining work?

Progression. Step by step. Working on the outside and inside. Always moving forward, always testing yourself, always increasing your mental toughness, strength, mental capacity, and your endurance. Endure exposure, exposure to difficulty in any form. Growth. And so much more…


How do we do it?

By putting those that contribute and achieve amazing things in the spotlight with Caveman Athlete of the Month. By writing about what’s good.


How can it help you?

First of all, patience my friend, don’t expect an instant miracle pill here, you’re either in for the journey or you’re not. Start by following our FacebookYouTube, Instagram, pick up on our small messages. Open your mind. Question everything (even us). Read our books, start with kettlebell training fundamentals, move on to kettlebell workouts and challenges, or take one of our at-home online courses. Yes. Kettlebells are a big part of the journey, they’re unilateral, multi-plane, versatile, they help build strength, flexibility, mental toughness and much more.


What is it not?

It’s not about aesthetics, yes, they’ll come with it for free if you do it right, but that’s not our ultimate goal. Ego-lifting. Self-centric. Destruction.

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