From Obese With Autoimmune Disease to 4-Time Ironman

Following on from the 20-minute interview with Wim (see video above), he had the following message to pass on to you.


Hi, my name is Wim, I’m now 49 years of age.

I was 35 when I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis (an autoimmune disease that leads to inflammation of my lungs, I then had only 30% of lung capacity).

I was fat, a smoker, alcoholic, and ugly. 20 years later I decided to change my life. Now I’m only ugly…

I started to run again, 1 minute running, 1 minute walking. I bought a race bike and started cycling, 30 minutes, 1 hour. I learned to swim properly freestyle, 100m, 500m.

4 years ago I finished last at my first sprint triathlon, but it felt great and I started training more. I love training, I love triathlon. It became my passion, my way of life.

Don’t wait for a diagnosis to throw your excuses to the side and live your life to the max. There are loads of other reasons to intentionally seize today. Is it your family? Is it to get in shape? Is it to simply challenge yourself and go to bed with a smile? Or to know that you did something with the gift called life. Whatever it is, find your reason. It’s there…if you look.

The time will never be just right and the motivation to do things that sound hard will not magically grow as time passes. Stop saying you will begin chasing your dreams and goals tomorrow, and start doing it, without telling anyone, TODAY


You can share or watch the short 2-minute version of the 20-minute interview here.


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