Microfitness For Athletes

Athletic conditioning is truly where Microfitness’s techniques in training will shine and are something you as an athlete can’t afford to miss out on. The programs really will turn you into a more dominant force in your respective sport whether it be tennis, golf, volleyball, football, mixed martial arts or anything in between. As an athlete, you should understand any edge over competitors is welcomed with open arms and these programs will provide you just that, a way to overpower, outrun and outlast your competition.

The reason the training works so well for athletes like yourself is it will challenge your cardio as well as muscular endurance and strength the entire workout. This is something that will directly translate over into your sport and show immediate gains for you on the field. Your competitors using standard routines involving barbell bench press, barbell squats, and lat pulldowns won’t be able to match your functional strength, agility, and stabilization that was focused by the training. While they chip away with standard routines, you will get more and more ahead with each workout, the exercises used in the programs unlike standard routines push every aspect of your fitness state to the next level workout after workout.

The strength aspect of the workout is not one dimensional in any way, it is a dynamic evolving method of training used by professional NFL, NBA and MMA trainers worldwide. You will not just be bench pressing, resting two minutes, and bench pressing again, you will be moving from station to station, which is laid out perfectly to keep pushing you to new athletic heights. You will never reach plateaus like in other routines because every workout will be slightly different and thus continue to shock your body into growing stronger and faster. The movements used in the routines are also explosive, unique and challenging, they will directly translate over into your sport because they are so similar to the movements that you use every day. That is something you will never get out of a lat pulldown or bench press.

But that is not all this style of training can do for you, the exercises used in every workout are specifically chosen to not only increase your strength but challenge your stabilization system as well, something imperative to a athletes success on the field. You will mostly be performing multi-joint movements which challenge you in ways you haven’t experienced yet in standard routines. Multi-Joint movements either involve large groups of muscles or are full body and because of this aspect alone, put much greater stress on the body in a short amount of time and allow you to get great results much faster. Because the exercises are incorporating so many muscles at the same time, they also burn more calories, which cuts away at your body fat allowing you to be leaner and faster on and off the field.

Which brings up another unique benefit unique to these programs, the cardiorespiratory gains you will be achieving at the same time as you build muscle, increase strength and burn fat. Many athletes take cardio training for granted and you can use this to your advantage when your competitors are pushed beyond their cardio limit their performance will begin to suffer and they won’t be able to concentrate near as well as their body struggles to just breath. You, on the other hand, hardened by these intense training programs will push on and breeze through your athletic competitions.

So now all you have to do is decide do you want to be the athlete who used these programs to train “Shorter, Harder and Faster” or the one wasting his or her time with ordinary routines never making any real gains in their sport.

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