Microfitness is a program developed to achieve optimum fitness in a faster way. It is a 10 to 20-minute regimen that incorporates maximal intensity exercises to achieve the same or even better results than a 60-minute program employing sub-maximal intensity. The harder you train, the more rapidly you accomplish your personal goals—stronger muscles, a higher level of fitness and a better body build.

Microfitness has several types to accommodate different types of individuals. The capacity and needs of a trained athlete are different from a person in their senior years; however, the principle of training harder and faster in a shorter period of time remains the same for all.

Red Zone Training

The Microfitness program is about training within the red zone. Training within the red zone means stressing the heart at 90-100% exertion; this is to raise the cardiac output to deliver oxygen needed by the training muscles. Though training in this zone is difficult, it is warranted because it’s in this intensity that the fast-twitch muscles responsible for strength and power are optimally worked-out. Muscle hypertrophy is also more rapid when training within the red zone.

Benefits of exercise

Exercise improves physical functions and reduces the risk for certain health conditions. Equally important is that when a person exercises regularly, even in the elderly, he or she has more bodily reserves to get through when he or she does become sick.

Exercise provides whole body benefits and this is because exercise stresses not only the musculoskeletal system but also the cardiovascular, pulmonary and neural systems. Exercise even improves our skin’s appearance.

Musculoskeletal System

Exercise improves muscle performance. This means that the key components of muscle performance—strength, endurance and power—are all enhanced and targeted. With Microfitness®, the fast-twitch muscles that are responsible for improvements in muscle strength and power are targeted due to high velocity and maximal loads stressing the muscles. All energy systems that supply the muscles force are likewise utilized, thus muscle endurance is also improved. With overall progress in muscle performance, people can further train in the red zone.

Also, with increased muscle performance, fats are burned and eliminated faster. This reduces the risk of brain strokes and heart diseases.

Cardiovascular System

The cardiovascular system is largely stressed during maximal intensity exercise. This is due to its role of delivering oxygen and nutrients via the bloodstream to the muscle groups being trained and making sure that sufficient blood supply reaches the muscles and especially the brain.

This entails that the cardiac output, defined as the volume of blood pumped by the heart per unit of time, is adequate. If the blood pumped per heartbeat is a small amount, this means that the heart has to work more to catch up to the demands of the body. With exercise, as the heart is also a muscular organ, the pumping action is also improved. Studies show that trained individuals have 50 percent higher maximal cardiac output than untrained individuals.

Pulmonary System

Maximal breathing capacity, which is up to 50 percent of a person’s actual pulmonary ventilation at baseline, is reached during maximal exercise. This returns to almost normal after exercise. But with continuous training at maximal intensity, breathing capacity at baseline increases up to 20 percent and the pulmonary reserve increases to about 50 percent. This will benefit trained athletes and even people with certain pulmonary complications.

Neural System

Exercise increases the motor unit recruitment, rate and synchronization of firing in the neuromuscular unit because of the repeated signals from the brain to the muscles to conduct certain movements or actions. This is partly responsible for muscular hypertrophy gained with regular exercise with overload as done in Microfitness®.

Exercise improves the psyche of the individual. This is due to the endorphins or the “feel-good hormones” released during and after exercise. Exercise also helps in providing better sleep patterns as the body will need to rest and recover.

Integumentary System

Exercise does not only produce a better body build, but it also helps in firming up the skin in the same pace as muscle development and in getting rid of the toxins in the layers of our skin.

Microfitness in the long run

Fitness is integral to having a long and healthy life. Proper diet, adequate sleep, and exercise are all vital to attain this. Diet and sleep patterns aside, exercise gives you whole body benefits with both short and long-term improvements. And with a maximal intensity that Microfitness provides, the same or even better results come in a shorter, faster way.

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