Introduction and Welcome

Limited access until you enrol in this course.

Congratulations on starting one of the most basic, yet super detailed and intrinsic online kettlebell courses available. To complete this course you will truly need to have an interest in learning the fundamentals of kettlebell training, it is not possible to complete this course within a couple of hours by skimming through the content and then taking the exam. We have high expectations and will only pass people who truly understand what they came here to learn, therefore we require a 100% pass score for every exam.

The content that will be presented to you has been compiled over many years through research, learning and refining, therefor you can appreciate that we’re very protective of our content, please be strongly advised that all content is copyrighted, digitally marked and protected in such a way that it will be traceable if any content is made publicly available.

If you have taken other courses online before, you might or might not have skimmed through the content of those and taken an exam all within a timeframe of an hour or less, you should be aware that this course is not one of those where you can skim through the content, quickly take an exam to be passed and receive your certificate. Our aim is to truly pass on the knowledge you need to build upon and excel at kettlebell training.

You are advised to consult a doctor before participating in any of the practical areas of this course, and discontinue the course should you experience any discomfort or other physical issues. Please make sure to notify your assessor immediately.

Your online Kettlebell Training Course consists out of multiple units, each unit will have Theory, Exam and Practical, first you will need to carefully read the theory, and make sure you fully understand it, as you will be tested on it, contact your coach or assessor if you do not understand parts of your theory. After theory comes the exams, which consist out of multiple-choice and open ended questions. After having passed your exam comes the practical, this is where you put into practise what you have been learning, at this stage you will physically need to demonstrate that you understand and can execute the exercises covered. Make sure that you have access to a camera, smart phone or other digital recording device as you will need to record and submit your practical via video. If you have purchased this course without support or certification, then you will not be required to submit your videos.


Theory: a supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something, especially one based on general principles independent of the thing to be explained.

Exam (Examination): a formal test of a person’s knowledge or proficiency in a subject or skill.

Practical: an examination or lesson in which theories and procedures learned are applied to the actual making or doing of something.


The only right way, is the safe way! Don’t get caught up in “this is the only correct way to do …”, if it’s safe, if it works the muscles you want to work, if it works towards your goals, then it’s the correct way. During your Kettlebell journey you will find that there’s a lot of different ways of doing an exercise, none are bad, unless they are unsafe, learn all and decide for yourself. ~ Taco Fleur



Please be aware that you have purchased a Course, you do not own the information that will be provided to you, all material is copyrighted by Kettlebell Training Education, Cavemantraining and Taco Fleur. What does this mean?

  • You are not allowed to provide any of the material you receive from us to other people, this includes but is not limited to;
    • documents
    • videos
    • photos

You are able to freely use the knowledge you have gained from this course and transfer it to other people as long as you do not include our material or replicate it without our written consent.



If you purchased this course with support and certification, then Cavemantraining is the entity providing the Certificate once you pass your examination, passing an exam allows you to train your clients with Kettlebells for the exercises you’ve been qualified for, Cavemantraining does not endorse you training clients for any other exercises other than the ones covered in the course and those you’ve been qualified for. Being qualified gives you the right to advertise yourself as per the exact title you’ve enrolled for, in this case , it does not allow you to use any of our trademarks like logo, name or any other branding, to be able to use the branding of Cavemantraining, please contact the management or speak to your coach as this will be assessed on individual basis.



You are encouraged to use the Internet to do research and ask questions using resources like Youtube, Facebook Groups, however, you should be aware that not everything you will come across is correct or safe information, use the information at your own discretion, always use more than one source for information and ask for confirmation in our Kettlebell Group if you’re not sure, ultimately, ask your coach or assessor.


Your Coach / Assessor

If you purchased this course with support, you will have noticed that certain hours of access to your coach / assessor are included. What does this mean?

  • your coach is here to assist you and clarify any questions you might have.
  • you will need to stick to the time included within your course, if you go outside of the time included you can always purchase more time.
  • your coach is teaching for a living, this means that he/she earns money with teaching people, if the coach will provide assistance to you outside of the included time, then he/she is losing money, please have an understanding for this and keep this in mind when asking questions, first ask yourself “if I read the provided material again, will I find the answer?”, “if I do some research, will I be able to find the answer?”, “can I post this question in the Kettlebell group?” and if the answer is no, then contact your coach.


Things to keep in mind when contacting your coach or assessor:

  • your coach has more than one student.
  • your coach might be living in another timezone than you.
  • contact needs to be made via the appropriate channels which will have been provided to you, this means that finding out your coach’s telephone number and calling him/her up to have a chat about the course is not something we encourage, only make contact via telephone if you have been asked to do so. Appropriate channels are:
    • Email
    • Facebook messenger (private chat, not group)
    • Skype chat
    • Skype call (only by appointment)
    • Telephone (only by appointment)



It’s important to know that some questions in your exam will require you to be creative, to do your own research, think outside the box and in some cases there is no right or wrong answer.

Cheating in any form or manner with your exam will result in disqualification without a refund. If you’re about to do something and you think to yourself “could this be cheating” and you want to be safe, contact your coach.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I change my coach along the way?
    Yes you can at least change your coach once, even though it’s not recommended to change once you started the course, but if for some reason you just don’t connect or have other reasons to want to change coach, we will allow one change.
  • Can I get a refund?
    Refunds can’t be provided after you have received access to the course material.


Thank You and Good Luck

Thank you for learning with Kettlebell Training Education, Cavemantraining and Caveman Kettlebells, I wish you all the best with your course and trust you will have an amazing journey with Kettlebells.


Kettlebell Head Coach and Owner
Taco Fleur – [email protected] /