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Kettlebells, And YOU Are Beautiful When You’re Happy

Yeah I know, it’s not one of those TOUGH macho headlines, but I don’t care. I’ve never been into the macho thing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a man, I can be tough, I can even be lethal, but generally, I don’t feel like I need to prove any of that by being macho. I have the kettlebell and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to thank for that. Who knows, in another universe, I might have been walking around aggressively asking every bloke that gives me the eye what his problem is and if he wants a knuckle sandwich! Luckily I don’t because of kettlebells and other things.

I get to go to sleep within seconds at night, I can’t recall the last time I was sick, and flu or headaches also fall in that category. I am generally very positive and happy, ok, I have to be honest and say that I have been battling a few things since 2020 but that is nothing I want to talk about here. I am here to hopefully share some thoughts and ideas with you that might help you.

My wife ‘hates’ me for this one, I literally plunk down on the bed lay still, and fall asleep. She needs 20 turns and tosses while battling with her mind. But I know she’s getting better at that and is starting to understand that in general, if you lay awake with your mind going a thousand miles an hour, that’s your choice, it’s your mind, you control it. I gave her a few tips on how to silence that talk and go to sleep. I also wake up, sleepwalk to the toilet, have a wee, walk back, plonk down and I am gone. I keep any thoughts out, the objective is to make it to the loo, ditch the load, and get back, nothing else. You’re in control.

Kettlebells are a big part of my life and have been for a long time. They have provided a reason to take photos, create videos, share a passion with you, and they make me feel strong and flexible which all contribute to confidence. The concept I apply to just about anything allows me to keep learning and avoiding a lot of mistakes also plays a big part in my life when it comes to progression. If you watched the video here you know what I’m talking about. You’ll have to spend a lot of time to figure it out, but nothing good comes easy.

Okay, there is a lot I would like to talk about, like how what you eat and drink affects your mood, or how your thoughts affect just about everything in your life, and so much more but I am going to keep it short with just one important message. If you are happy then you are beautiful. If you smile you are a 10 out of 10. There is no doubt about it, when I am grumpy when I worry about things and show that on my face, then I’m not as pleasant to look at. I don’t even like looking at myself. I believe this applies to everyone, no matter what, no matter your age, no matter your wrinkles, etc. Smile and you are beautiful.


With all that out of the way, let’s dig up some videos for motivation. Don’t watch all at once, you’ll get bored, save them for one a day!


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Just Some Craziness

When you can walk through the busy town center with your flip-flops, shorts, no shirt, and a kettlebell on your back without a care in the world, you know you are there.


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Why Exercise?


Old Video

Here is a video with old footage so you can see that my form was crap at some stage, I thought I was all that, but now I see that I had much to learn and still do. I’ll never stop learning. I’m not perfect, I wasn’t back then and I still am not but I am much better, and as long as I focus on progression then I have a purpose and stay humble.


PS. This post has absolutely nothing to do with what has been going on with the world for the past two years as there is nothing I agree with when it comes to how those things are promoted and used.

PPS. Sleep. One of the most important things you need in life to be happy and healthy. One of the main things I’ll give you right now is honesty, honesty allows you to fall asleep without worries. There are many more reasons that will allow you to fall asleep without issues.

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