Number 1 Kettlebell TIP You MUST Watch! Improve Your Clean Technique

When I say “this is the number 1 kettlebell video you should watch on kettlebell clean technique” I mean it. This is a free tip that will drastically change your kettlebell training and is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to information you can receive to drastically improve your kettlebell training with simple adjustments.

This video covers the extremely important hand insertion that happens during the kettlebell clean. It is the part that if you get it wrong, you will run the risk of injury, excessive calluses, wrist problems, blisters, bruising, and much more.


In this video, I talk about the accelerated pull, ballistic flight, guidance, rotation, opening up, letting go, hand insertion, catching the weight, landing the weight, and racking.

This video is provided completely for free so you can see what type of detail Cavemantraining covers the online kettlebell courses. This technique tip is just one small part of the kettlebell clean, the kettlebell clean is just one small part of the world of kettlebell exercises covered. If you are looking for an introduction kettlebell course and spend as little money as possible but receive the quality you expect (just like in this video) then check out Master Kettlebell Grips and Master Kettlebell Racking at our Kettlebell University.

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