Kettlebell Snatch into Overhead Reverse Lunge

The proper name for this exercise: Dead Swing Snatch into Overhead Reverse Lunge

A great challenge for stabilization and coordination. Here is a short tutorial for this kettlebell exercise:

  1. place the kettlebell just far enough to be able to hinge and hold on to the handle
  2. hinge and grab the handle
  3. create a slight tension
  4. contract the gluteus maximus to maintain form during the pull
  5. pull the kettlebell back through the legs
  6. slightly follow through
  7. create hip extension
  8. create slight thoracic rotation
  9. keep the bell close
  10. open up the hand
  11. insert the hand
  12. initiate the reverse lunge
  13. press out
  14. complete the reverse lunge
  15. all the weight on the front leg
  16. arm locked out overhead
  17. complete the lunge by gently touching the knee on the ground
  18. come back up through the front leg
  19. create space and lower the kettlebell into racking
  20. let the bell drop naturally
  21. remain in knee and hip extension until the arm is extended
  22. create hip flexion
  23. let the bell come through the legs
  24. let the bell come out
  25. follow through with enough flexion to lower the weight back to dead
  26. repeat


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