Simple 8 Minute Kettlebell Workout Full Length

A full-length kettlebell workout video you can work out along with. This workout is mostly lower body and some upper body, 70% lower and 30% upper. Mostly gluteus maximus and hamstrings, after that quads, calves, and shoulders. The erector spinae will also get a good workout.

30 seconds of work on one side and then switch to the other side with the last exercise being an exception.

  1. 30 seconds single arm hip hinge swings
  2. Switch
  3. 30 seconds single arm hip hinge swings
  4. Switch and clean
  5. 30 seconds squat
  6. Switch and clean
  7. 30 seconds squat
  8. Switch and clean
  9. 30 seconds strict press
  10. Switch and clean
  11. 30 seconds strict press
  12. 60 seconds figure of 8
  13. Repeat the whole sequence


Following are just some tips or cues you can use for this workout.

Swing. At the top and bottom during the swing, I focus on breathing out as in automatically happens.

Don’t follow the bell.

Squat. Shoulders high and hips low. Push the hips to the ground. If your hips are not moving down then your shoulders should not be moving down.

Press. Keep the elbows under the weight.

Figure of 8. You can replace this with around the body 30 seconds one way and 30 the other way.


Post on Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter when you completed this. Hashtag #cavemantraining #workoutcompleted


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