OMEGA 186 EMOM Kettlebell Strength Workout

This is OMEGA 186 an EMOM/interval kettlebell strength workout.

You can complete this kettlebell workout with one heavy kettlebell but preferably with two, one being heavier. I used a 24kg/53lb and a 28kg/62lb.

The whole workout is 24 minutes of work with 6-minutes of rest programmed in. I finished with some additional work on the overhead squat.

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The workout is a full-body workout working the legs, core, and shoulders but in particular, the quadriceps, gluteals, and deltoids. There is a great deal of stabilization required in the legs and shoulders, hence, awesome workout to work on stability.


Full workout details

The weights should be heavy, but not so heavy that you can’t complete the set or full session.


The task is:

  • Bring the weight overhead with a dead swing snatch
  • 3 x overhead reverse lunge
  • Repeat on the other side


EMOM = Every Minute On the Minute
You perform the task at the start of every minute and if you finish before the minute (which you want to) then you rest the remainder.


10 minutes EMOM with the lighter weight of the two kettlebells.
3 minutes rest

8 minutes EMOM with the heavier weight of the two kettlebells.
3 minutes rest

6 minutes EMOM with the lighter weight of the two kettlebells and increase the reps to 4 each side.

FINISH with overhead squats if you still feel fresh.
3 reps each side with plenty of rest between each set.
4 to 5 rounds.



  • back knee gently touching the ground
  • overhead arm fully locked out
  • back up into full extension


Post below or on social media when completed. Buy the ultimate kettlebell exercise encyclopedia, and/or kettlebell workouts books.


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