Follow-Along Single Kettlebell Workout For Flexibility and Mobility CAVEMANROM

This is an advanced follow-along kettlebell workout for flexibility and mobility with progressions so that even beginners can complete this workout. This kettlebell #workout is one of the hundreds that we have available in our online library called the Caveman Inner Circle. We have over 80 members that have access to the library but also get a new kettlebell workout each week. And even more important, they get support, motivation, accountability, and personalized coaching and form assessment, so they can be assured they are learning and performing the workout safely.

Once in a while, we publish a free full-length kettlebell workout so that you can taste the quality of video production, the amount of details you will receive, and more.

This full-length session includes an introduction to the workout, full warm-up technique explanation, full workout technique explanation, full workout demo, common mistakes to avoid, alternatives and progressions so that anyone can start with this workout, follow-along warm-up so you can work out to the video and see what’s happening, follow-along workout, and follow-along cooldown. Over an hour’s worth of kettlebell workout content.

These kettlebell exercises won’t be the common kettlebell exercises you are accustomed to seeing, most of the exercises for flexibility have been designed by Cavemantraining and are from the CAVEMANROM suite of exercises, like for example:

  • Seated press with rotation and reach
  • Seated press with lateral flexion
  • 90 90 windmill and rotation

And then there are awesome kettlebell combos designed by Cavemantraining, like for example TGU into Windmill into Bent over row with rotation.


These kettlebell exercises are not beginner exercises and they require progression, a progression that is explained step-by-step in this video. These kettlebell exercises require you to leave your ego at the door, as explained in the video, and not to be performed with heavy weight. Yes, this is not black and white but for the sake of safety and this being directed at the public, stick with a light weight unless you have completed our course on programming for kettlebells.

For those at home, we highly recommend that you watch the full technique and common mistakes video. If you are lacking the foundation, the basics, for kettlebell training then it’s highly recommended to complete one of our online courses which are suitable for at-home users and those that want to become certified kettlebell instructors.


Time Index

The index for the video is listed below so you can easily jump to chapters of this kettlebell session:

  • 00:00:00 Introduction
  • 00:05:50 Warm-up Technique Video
  • 00:09:29 Kettlebell Workout Technique Video
  • 00:25:04 Alternatives and Progressions
  • 00:38:10 Common Mistakes
  • 00:49:33 Follow-Along Warm-up
  • 00:59:55 Follow-Along Kettlebell Workout
  • 01:38:28 Follow-Along Cooldown


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You can download the free PDF for this workout below or here.

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