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There are a couple of ways to join Cavemantraining, if you’re training for yourself, check out the resources below under end-users, if you’re a seriously good trainer with amazing skills please contact us for an opportunity to be part of our Cavemantraining team no matter where you are across the world.

First, make sure you join our Cavemantraining website simply by clicking one of the social buttons below, or click here if you don’t have any of those.


We’re looking for qualified trainers to join us with our online Caveman Kettlebells Education program through Kettlebell Training Education (KBTE). Furthermore, we’re looking for you if:

  • You have a youtube channel
  • You have a large social network following
  • You are a writer and looking to publish your articles
  • You are a trainer and want your videos featured
  • You have something else to offer that will benefit the Cavemantraining audience


Please check out the following resources and projects you can be part of: