Tips for Finding the Right Personal Trainer for You

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A personal trainer can be a wise investment for those that are just starting out on their fitness journey or for those looking to really hit various fitness goals. They can teach you how to perform certain exercises, show you how to use equipment, and even come up with a tailored workout plan to hit specific goals. The key to achieving success with a personal trainer ultimately comes down to a few things including finding the person who is right for you. While there are plenty of great trainers out there, not all of them are well suited for everyone, so taking the time to consider who you hire is important as you make your selection.


1. Look For Certifications.

A personal trainer will help you perform many different exercises and make both fitness and nutritional recommendations that can impact your life. Some of these suggestions have the potential to harm you if they are not incorporated correctly into your life or if you are not the right candidate for them, so it is important to be sure that the person providing instructions is educated on the matter. Be certain that he or she is properly qualified. While pretty much anyone can call themselves a personal trainer, in order to achieve certifications, a trainer must achieve a certain level of proficiency in fitness and health. Good trainers to look at are the ones that have certifications from various reputable organizations and/or degrees within the health and fitness field. Some of the top organizations that offer personal training certifications are the National Academy of Sports Medicine, National Strength and Conditioning Association and the American Council on Exercise.


In addition to looking for a nationally recognized certification, make sure that the trainer you choose knows and understands how to apply CPR and first aid. Do not be afraid to ask for real proof of proficiency in all of the above. After all, you will be putting your health and safety into this person’s hands.


2. Understand What Motivates You.

We are all motivated to make progress in different ways. Some people need to hear inspiring words, others prefer a stronger, more forceful tone and still others want materials to support their training recommendations. Choose a trainer who caters towards your personal needs and your own learning preferences. For instance, if you are someone that thrives off of discipline and you love being pushed to your limits, find a trainer who offers that edge. Whereas, if you are someone who likes more flexibility and you work better with positive reinforcement, search for someone who caters towards this philosophy for the best results. It certainly isn’t bad to look for a trainer who offers a little of both, but make sure that her style aligns with your way of thinking and learning or you may find yourself discouraged and giving up too soon.


3. Meet With Them.

When choosing a trainer, make sure that you get along and that your personalities mesh. Even outside of fitness, try to see whether or not you get along with your personal trainer. After all, you will need to trust your trainer and have the ability to work together in order to effectively achieve your goals. If it is someone that you simply cannot stand to be around, you are more likely to make excuses as to why you can’t work out and miss hitting your fitness goals.


4. Define Special Conditions.

If you are someone that has special needs, be sure to find a trainer that has knowledge and experience in dealing with them. These could include a physical limitation or medical diagnosis. Otherwise, you may be putting your health and wellness in the wrong hands, and you could be putting yourself at risk for getting injured.

Finding the perfect personal trainer takes time, but taking the time to get it right makes it easier to achieve all of your fitness goals and objectives.

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