Kettlebells and calisthenics

Calisthenics and Kettlebells: A Perfect Combination

What first comes to your mind when you see or hear ‘Cavemen’? The pre-civilization period when people literally lived in caves and did their various daily activities there? From what you must have read or heard, their lifestyle was tedious because they had to do everything manually. They lit a fire by crushing one stone against another. They hunted for food with bare hands. There was no form of technology.


In fitness programs, Cavemantraining refers to different fitness approaches that are devoid of technology and only require the use of the human body — no special technique, no tech involved, nothing special. Just you doing all the hard work without any electronic fitness aids.
The first thing you need to know is that Cavementraining seeks to create a strong bond between your body and your mind. As you know, your mind creates the actions your body gives. Therefore, the training creates a type of function that is based on a real-life outlook.
Also, it acts as a symbolism for different actions. For example, cavemen had to hunt, seek food and protect themselves against dangerous animals and savages. The training incorporates different skills and practices that can recreate these experiences.

Cavemantraining is a great way to build your strength, increase your power, and condition your body. Also, it is a great way to enhance your physique. However, you can only achieve everything if you eat right. For you to train like a caveman, you need to eat like a caveman.
You might not know this, but a form of Cavemantraining is calisthenics. Do you see that dude who’s always jumping on an iron bar and lifting himself upon it? He’s practicing calisthenics. The dip in the park lady? Yep, you’re right.


What is Calisthenics?

Calisthenics (derived from Greek words ‘Kalos,’ which means ‘beauty’ and ‘Stenos,’ which means strength) is a form of training that involves bodyweight. It is simply fitness training that involves strengthening the whole body.
The original aim of developing calisthenics was to aid good health and achieve beauty and strength in school children. However, it has evolved over the years.


Calisthenics and Kettlebells: A Killer Combo

Engaging in calisthenics should be a full-time job. Admittedly, it requires a lot of work. If you combine it with kettlebells, that’s the bomb. Wondering what kettlebells are? Wonder no more. Do you see those big, round balls (three times the size of a shot put) that have handles and are quite popular with gym regulars? They’re kettlebells. Combining calisthenics and kettlebells is the perfect way to ‘buff up’ those lean muscles, burn fat and stay agile. But to be honest, this is also the best way to become a personal trainer. Because the kettlebells are almost always available at the gym.

A kettlebell is a handheld gym, it can be used at home or at the gym.

Historically, training with kettlebells originated in Ancient Greece, but Russians popularized it. Do you remember the five aspects of fitness? Here’s a friendly reminder: muscular endurance, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, and body composition. Calisthenics and kettlebells meet these five aspects. Mind-blowing right? That’s true.

The combination was relatively unknown until recent times. People were not keen on learning how to use a kettlebell properly, plus calisthenics was regarded as warm-up sessions.

The Man Of Steel Workout, is a great example of kettlebells and calisthenics combined.


3 categories of kettlebell training


1) Ballistic Movements

Some movements under the categories include swing, snatch, and clean. These movements develop cardiovascular and muscular fitness, as well as hips and power.

2) Grind Movements

Various techniques you can do under this movement include squatting, floor press, deadlift, etc.

3) Mobility-enhancing Movements

Mobility-enhancing movement techniques include armbar, get-up, etc.


Why You Should Opt For Calisthenics With Kettlebells Training


Combining calisthenics with kettlebells can be tasking. However, the combo is also efficacious. Starting from the kettlebell Turkish get-up, lifting the kettlebell with your hand is huge work. You’ll have to remain in the same position for some time before you can switch hands. By doing so, you’ll certainly strengthen your muscles.

Take a look at other techniques. Each time you try to squat while handling the kettlebell, you’re ensuring your hips become stronger. Simultaneously, you can achieve a balance.


Many athletes, including the top guns, have opted for calisthenics combined with kettlebells. Even sports teams too. Examples are Boston Celtics, Tennessee Titans, NY Yankees, and New York Football Giants. They regard kettlebell training as their top choice for achieving more strength and conditioning.

We cannot list athletes who opt for this training because they are numerous. Even the US Army recommends this type of training for its elite group of Special Forces.

Low injury risk

We cannot help but admit that calisthenics combined with kettlebells does not cause many injuries on humans as other fitness forms do. You do not have to worry about slipping off a machine or getting knocked off another. The training regime allows the free movement of body parts. It means that whatever worries body friction as a result of some parts clamping together is eliminated.


Before you can assert that a workout plan is effective, it needs to incorporate every energy system. It is exactly what the calisthenics-kettlebells combination is offering.
The energy systems include aerobic, anaerobic glycosis, and phosphagen systems. The killer combo accesses and impacts these systems in each workout session.


Whether you are deadlifting, doing the armbar or floor press, you’d have to employ different body tactics. One minute, you’re swinging the kettlebell like a clock. The next minute, you’re raising it in a static position. Another time, you’re downfaced.

The combo ensures that each body part becomes flexible enough to adapt to different workout techniques.


When you hit the gym to engage in normal fitness programs, you likely spend hours (say 2-3). When doing calisthenics with a kettlebell, all you need is one hour of solid training. Within this hour, you can impact every aspect of fitness training.

Safe for young people

This killer combo is highly recommended for young people because it is safe for them. They can achieve the same training result, like using a heavier barbell. Except that the calisthenics-kettlebell combo is safer.


Final Thoughts

A great way to work out the caveman way is combining calisthenics and kettlebells. If you desire to achieve strength gain, more body balance, and better muscle development, calisthenics combined with kettlebell should be your top choice.



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