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There are stock photo websites out there, but there are no fitness stock photo websites out there, other than Cavemantraining! What is the difference?

A fitness stock photo website:

  • lists photos with correct technique
  • list photos with incorrect technique but marks them as such
  • does not list a kettlebell swing as a dumbbell exercise

In short, a fitness stock photo website is managed by fitness professionals.

Cavemantraining is currently collecting interest from athletes and photographers all over the world to submit their photos.


  • Q. Do I need to be a professional photographer to submit photos?
    A. No, you do not need to be a professional photographer to submit photos*.
  • Q. Do I need a professional camera?
    A. No, the quality of smart phones is extremely good and will suffice in some cases.
  • Q. Do the photos or videos need to be perfect?
    A. No, in some cases we can use our in-house designers to crop, cut, retouch, re-encode and/or photoshop a photo to be suitable for inclusion.
  • Q. How much do I get paid?
    A. High quality HD photos not requiring any further work pay out more commission than those that require work, a contract with rate of commission will be agreed upon.
  • Q. What are the requirements?
    A. The minimum requirements for a photo or video to be accepted are:

    • photo size 1920 x 1080 @72DPI
    • video size 1920 x 1080 @30FPS
    • fitness related
  • Q. What kind of photos are we looking for?
    A. We’re looking for photos in the following categories:

    • kettlebells
    • mace
    • clubbells
    • trx
    • sandbags
    • crossfit
    • olympic lifting
    • calisthenics
    • group fitness
    • personal training
    • sport
  • Q. Do you accept photos already listed on other stock photo websites?
    A. No, we do not accept photos that are listed anywhere else. This is a fitness stock photo website with unique and good fitness photos only.
  • Q. How do I apply?
    A. We’re currently allowing 50 new contributors via email on, please include a link to at least one of the photos you want to submit and maximum up to 10 of the best photos or videos.
  • Q. Can I become a contributor if I only have one submission I want to make?
    A. No, we’re looking for contributors that can make at least 10 submissions over a period of time, those that want to contribute one photo can do so by submitting the photo via email to be considered for inclusion.
  • Q. Do I need to own all rights?
    A. Yes, you need to own full rights to material you’re submitting and have the permission from the model(s) to sell the photo.

*We will review up to 10 cases from anyone for suitability, upon each submission we provide feedback so that you understand why the photo has not been accepted, you can submit another which should have rectified the issue, after 10 denials you can no longer submit photos.


What are some of the issues with other stock photo websites?

  • the currators/editors have no fitness/exercise accreditations nor the knowledge to decide what is good form, and/or whether assigned title plus keywords are correct
  • you’ll find that everything these days is tagged with the keyword “CrossFit” so if you’re looking for real CrossFit photos you’ll be wading through OCR races, everyday housewives cycling on a stationary bike etc.

Cavemantraining stock photos only focusses on fitness related photos and all submitted photos are manually reviewed and appropriately tagged, titled and categorized.

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