Cavemantraining Fitness Holiday and Safety

Your safety is OUR number 1 PRIORITY.

We specialise in Competitive Exercise (CompX) but do so under strict conditions and requirements.

For Everyone

We understand that a lot of people who train with us are on holiday and simply don’t have the time to attend introduction classes, or the money to pay for personal training, therefore we have made any class we run suitable for anyone to join, however, we will always suggest alternatives that will progress you to the more advanced exercises over time and we suggest that you take the advice should the trainer decide during assessment before the class that it’s in your best interest to scale some of the exercises down.

  • Bring any safety issues to the attention of gym management.
  • We do not allow bullying or disrespect at the gym, you will be warned only once.
  • Don’t train when your sick.

Coming First

With competitive exercise comes the drive to come first, to be the first one that finishes, however, for your own safety and progression, you should focus on aiming for the number one spot with the correct form and technique at all times, and more importantly with the appropriate rest in between exercises or rounds. You can compete against the best in the class, but you can also compete with yourself, if you did 31 minutes for workout XYZ last time, aim for 29 minutes this time, or go for the same time with a slight increase in weight. If you’re not sure, talk to the trainers.

Repeating Ourselves

We love what we do, and your safety is truly of high importance to us, but we have discovered one thing over the many years that we have been training people, and that is that some people just don’t want to listen. We’re not going to keep repeating things till we see blue in the face, at some stage enough is enough, but when that time comes, the good thing about us is that we will have told you already 1,000 times by then, and then we will just be straight up and tell you that we won’t say it anymore after one last attempt and ask you whether perhaps our instructions are not clear, at this stage you need to step up and just say “I’m not getting it, can you show me in another way?” or “I’m just plain stubborn and have heard it enough, don’t mind me while I ruin my shoulders”.

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