Listen to your coach

Some People Chose Not to Listen to Coaches/Trainers

Does eating candy rot your teeth today? Does smoking cigarettes give you cancer right away? Does crossing the highway always get you killed?

The answer is no for first two, crossing the highway is a gamble and you might be unlucky on your first attempt.

It’s the same with exercise technique performed incorrectly. My point is this, just because you walk away with it unscathed today, doesn’t mean you’ll always will.


You know it can be bad, you know it doesn’t feel good, but you do it anyway.

When you hear:

  • put your ego aside, don’t go too heavy
  • stand straight to avoid lifting with the back
  • squeeze the glutes to protect the lower back
  • take your time to pick up the weight
  • put the weight back down safely
  • etcetera

Take your time to understand what is being said, it’s said for a reason, that reason is your safety. If you chose to ignore solid advice, fine, but if you’re open to it, implement it, understand it, ask questions if not right then and there, do it after the session, a good trainer will be able explain the “why” behind the advice given.


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